Migration patterns? Meh


Neighborhood used to be full of Sarcosuchus. Few Raptors and Majungas. Now full of Purras and that’s all.


Yeah looking for raptor dna now they seem rare


Raptors are rarer, And I’ve got a neighborhood full of Purras instead of Sarcos.


im hoping dinos are seasonal every few months they migrate or move locations or something… i built my team on 1.26 and then 1.3 comes out and golly gee aint nothing the same. i gotta got look for the suchimimus that was a pest before…
i see more rares now in 1.3 though. thanks


I just realized a HUGE dilemma, i’m hoping to get the indoraptor soon but it takes 2,000 velociraptor pts for ONE fuse. There are just so very few raptors these days since the update, oh boy… there goes that beaut out the door.

Are velociraptors scarce now to kinda let those users cool off on using raptors on their teams or something?