Migration rotation needed?

Is anyone else ready for a change? I think zones seem pretty balanced, at least I think so as there haven’t been any complaints like there used to be. Of course there are bigger and better things to complain about I suppose. A shift clockwise, counter clockwise or something? While on the subject I’d really like to know where all of the spawns went prior to daily spawns becoming the new thing.


It would be nice if they did a once a month zone rotation so over 4 months we can actually create a larger variety or grow some of our creatures.


Yeah it would keep things interesting if it changed often. Right now area 3 is not that good compared to the others. Losing touji and giving sino back to area 1 hurt.

Also, I would like to note I have no access to area 1. In a 40 minute driving radius. All area 1s are woods and freeways here. And I still don’t and never have spoofed? I can honestly say I gave it a thought before. But wouldn’t ever do it. Instead I suffer on every area 1 dino.

Someone less humble, I bet they would of done it by now for sure and while I refuse to, I wouldn’t blame them. That area has plenty of good things in it.


Living in L3 near to L1, but no L2 or L4 nearby, I can hardly find any Dracorex. (I don’t care about Dracorex G2 as I don’t use DC) So Utarinex is not on my “to-do list”. Without a nest spawn, I could even not find any Parasaurolophus. I cannot see any Grypo too. That’s why I level up my Utasino to L26 instead of fusing Utarinex. Rotation is needed regularly.


Dont worry I live in L4 and never see those grypo… saw a lots of ourano though but I’m already loaded cause I dont have dilo or deino in my area.

A rotation is definitely needed

Just the opposite to you. I can see Dilo and Deino but no Ourano. Yet I could unlock Dilorach because of the daily mission which offered Ourano.

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I would love to see more migrations. I went on a short trip that happened to be in Zone 2 (I live in Zone 3). It was so nice to dart something other than Diplocaulus (aka “squirmy”).

I would also like to see more creatures released into the wild. cough Irritator cough (My uncreated Magna would greatly appreciate this)

Btw, I really want that Gryposuchus DNA. I can fuse for the hybrid now, but I still dont have enough for my first fuse.

That Grypo unique…I fused once only, since then I have been waiting for the epic Grypo for months.


The zones are not balanced at all. Local 2 is way superior. Anyone in local 2 should have high level Dracocera and Rinex. Local 3 is crap. And for all zones, the lack of variety is just so boooring.


I used to really like going out hunting to other zones, but lately its been a waste of gas. I wonder where all the good dinos went? Some balance between the daily commons and the zone specific rares and epics is needed.


The excessive daily dinos have killed the idea of going to other zones because you can’t find what you want. They could easily cut the amount of daily dino spawns in half and there would be more than enough of those.


I have to agree.
Unless I’m running scents zone hunting is kinda pointless.
(But I will do daily SD runs through zones I need)

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As zone 2 is finally good I would like to max out on Erlikosaurus before rotation.

Ill probably be ready for a rotation in 1.9 and barely anything will move.

Another money grab strategy I think. Having to run scents just to get the dinos that should be there.


I just want to know if I want to find Anky epic using a scent, where should I go?
It is not a park spawn anymore, it is a Sunday spawn. Can I use a scent?

Ludia devs really need to shake it up. They should move more dinos around so changes are more visible. I’m so bored with dinos in Area I and II that I have access to.

It would be amazing if they moved Pyro/Ourano and Draco to Area I for a change…

The spawn rate should increase as I hardly see epics in a wild.

Instead moving to one Area, a monthly rotation is good.

That would be perfect.

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Daily will not show up on scents.

Agree. Instead of seeing Diplocaulus all the time, I don’t mind seeing Parasaurolophus all the time.

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