Migration Soon?



Sounds like it too me or reads like it to me what ever ones gramiticly correct

Grammatically ^

:sweat_smile: just messin’

And good lord, let this be true…



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Birds fly south for the winter


Damm autoreject :grin:

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Please don’t say this means more pterosaurs with the new migration

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I just hope they don’t make a Monolometrodon unique. I haven’t even bothered creating this thing because it wasn’t worth the coins.


Maybe they’ll get a buff? I really liked the idea of them so I hope they make them more playable.

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I think it just means the G2 Dimetrodon and Monolopho will become less common to find.

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Why is he not worth the coins? Mines 24 and rather useful… almost ready hit 25.

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Fine with me. As long as they are replaced with the original Monolopho and Dimetrodon haha.

I just had other things I was focusing on and not enough coins to create everything I wanted. My Mono gen 2 and dime 2 were only level 8 or 9 when the hybrid was announced so I had to really think about where I spent my resources. And that wasn’t it.

Please, for the love of God make Erlikosaurus, Ouranosaurus, Ankylosaurus and Sinoceratops a more frequent spawn with the migration.

Hell, I wouldn’t even mind them as global instead of T. Rex for a while. T. Rex spawns like weed for me, especially at dawn when I go to the university. On my best day I saw 5 Rex back to back and could catch 3 of them in 1 hour.


I dunno why I tagged someone with my post. Sorry for that :sweat_smile:

This game NEEDS migration to keep it alive. So many more games are coming out that keep players super busy. Two major aspects of this game are: collecting dinos and battling. Problem is, players are tried of the arena and tired of the same spawns around them ( not to mention the lack of spawns in general)

Please Ludia, we want to keep playing but we need to be kept interested!!!


I wish they’d spread the spawns more evenly, I’m lucky to see 2 TRex a month.


Can all the parasauralophuses migrate my way, please and thank you :pray:

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Omg I will send them to you!! That’s all I see! Sitting on the couch I can dart 2-3 at a time! You may have them!!! :joy::joy::+1:t3:


Same, I could run a business selling Parasaurolophus kebab named “Pompadour bites” given how I see 3-4 of them almost always.

Now I wonder what Parasaurolophus would taste like :thinking: Probably a mix of lamb and chicken haha… :sweat_smile:

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