Migration Soon?

I saw one last month. One. I pray to the incubator gods every single time. Incubators are all I have!

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They are EVERYWHERE in zone 4 if you can identify where that is in your town. I usually see 4-5 a day from my office.

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I’m in L1 and spend my days ignoring lythronax and purussaurus :cry:

Maybe you’ll get lucky like @TyrannosaurusLex and you’ll start seeing Sino’s everywhere. Then you’ll make everyone jealous.

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They do spawn occasionally! Not everywhere, but I probably see about one a week. More than I see the para!

I’ll trade you my 4-5 Para a day for your 1 Sino a week. I haven’t seen one in months haha. It’s my unicorn.



I would share 50 Parasaurolophus kebab for one Sinoceratops. Pretty please? :slight_smile:

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Mmmmmm kebab

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Just bagged me another one half hour or so ago. :rofl:

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I swear I just saw you’re post and thought I’d switch the game on and see what’s around and this just spawned at my house :joy::joy: Screenshot_20181105-233701_JW%20Alive


Feel like sending some of those my way? Soo jealous!

I believe that to be the case as well. I don’t see them changes the migration pattern soon. I am just hoping they fix some of the bugs that have been plaguing this game so badly lately… Wish they were better at communicating with their players.

Normally id be like dont get to excited about a migration but they did just give us that poll about migrations so maybe there is hope…

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