Migration thoughts

So was at work last night, and I was thinking…

Granted, there’s probably a better chance than not that I’m completely wrong about this, but if I wasn’t, it might be pretty cool.

I was thinking, maybe we’re looking at the migration all wrong. Whoa, wait, here me out for those us who are suddenly seeing all sorts of Iguanodon all around us!

What if they started doing a slow, continuous migration? Instead of just all at once, everything that was going to move just moved, have it done maybe in what might a more controlled manner. Maybe even something along the lines of something psuedo-realistic. Iguanodon moves…forces out another herbivore that was in the area…prompting carnivores to move in response to having different food sources now to either something they prefer to catch, or something new…and so on in a circle.

Yeah, its probably just a dream, or at best a flight of fantasy…but it would be pretty cool if it was a sort of continuous thing like that. Or at least I think it would!


Well, I have noticed a few Suchominus wandering into Zone 3 and 2 here and there this week

My thoughts exactly, a slow step by step migration could be happening. Started with allo to my L3 was the first thing i noticed. Could do with some para next… al the tragos kick my ass in arena, and i haven’t even startded fusing mine :slight_smile:

I love this idea… like the mono i found in my l1 yesterday was avoiding the large influx of allos to l3… i do think this is a bit beyond what Ludia is go in ng to do for this game… I just picture a design meeting with someone saying, “migrations who needs migrations when we have themed incubators”.

I live in L4 but I am happy on the migration, even if I lost Allosauro for Iguanodonte. Now in every local zone there are al least one good ingredient for fusing (and for good I don’t mean Diplocaulo for the hybrid Diplotator :sweat_smile: ).

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If mono leaves L3 I will be most displeased.


Me too :slight_smile:
I’d like for Dimetrodon to migrate somewhere where I actually come by ^^

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