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Migration week

Next week is migration week looks cool

Be sure to write in the comment section below what creatures you will be darting this week I’m going for Coelurosauravus, Archaeopteryx, Woolly Mammoth and Coelhaast


Definitely going for Coelurosauravus, Archaeopteryx, dodo and kentro and coelhaast


Did you guys ever fix everyone’s login issues?


Ludia you might had made mistakes on the past but thanks giving me Kentrosaurus for birthday!!! I need it!! :smiley:
I will go for coelurovasaurus, archi, and kentro and coeelhaast

Baryonyx gen 2, postosuches, mammoth, Mammotherium.

Also happy birthday @Lukey :cake:


How do I do the birthday? thingy?

In order to tell they need a cake next to their name.

:cake: means anniversary
The one lukey has means Birthday

oki doki thanx

Thank you!

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Happy birthday!! Late but said :cupcake:

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I’ll be going for Coelurosauravus, Archaeopteryx and maybe Dodo this week.

Definitely getting coel, archae, compy 2, dodo, kentro and coelhaast

Thank you!

Reminds me of the olden days when creatures sometimes actually migrated after updates…


finnaly archeo I really love this guy and want it so bad
Also kentro is good maybe wooly g=too
for the legendary I dont know what to pick but the maamoth one looks cool

Too bad there is no epic compy but we get dodo instead while we had it for a month as a reward :roll_eyes:

It’s been a very long time since I’ve actually wanted to dart something all week! Might be able to get Coelhaast by the end of next week if I’m lucky.

I’m probably gonna go for mammotherium so I can swap it out for my Sino, Coelurosauravus, Ermotherium, Archeoptryx, Postusucus, and kentro

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Coelurosauravus posto and arche for epics all dodo and the obvias legend coelhaast

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Definitely going for Coelurosauravus, Archaeopteryx, Kentro and Coelhaast