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has the migration occured yet? i notice at home on the weekend i had a very large amount of rares and epics spawning right in my neighbourhood that i havent seen spawn there before. but when i get to work today its the same same. so did i just have a randomly lucky weekend or have the herds moved?


There wasnt really a migration. I think only 2 or 3 dinos were swapped to diff zones and a couple of the new birds added. Everything else should still be the same.


Yeah I was kinda disappointed about this :sob:


I saw a moderator post saying the migration was just the new flyers And brachiosaurs being released … I reallly hope that’s not it though.


And Tarbo is no longer just a park spawn.


Ummm…Tarbo has been a normal spawn. I regularly get a few every time I hit up my prime park areas for event spawns, lucky zoning classification as I tend to also get a handful of Tanys, too.


I’ve seen so many Tarbo’s in my area for the longest time now that I’m going to seriously regret it one day when he finally gets a hybrid lol


I can confirm Spinosaurus has migrated to region local 4. I now constantly see and never during previous update.


Found 2 Brachiosaurus.


Tons of opiachodon, lynthromax and ankylosaur gen 2…
this “migration” has been super :unamused:


This is great! Farm those Dna and luckly you can unlock the Alankylosaurus this week! :heart_eyes:


Dracorex has replaced Spinosaurus in L2 - good; had more than enough Spino and can now work on levelling up Dracorex to L20 for its hybrid.


@PQC yeah I just noticed that too. Just finished biking for three hours in L2, and was wondering why dracorex was popping up. I’m loving the new change, may be able to get utarinex a lot quicker then expected. Managed to find 5 dracorex, and slaughtered enough grey goose chickens to get 9500+ deinocheirus :joy: Hopefully I should have her by 20 tomorrow. Mind sharing some spinos? and thanks for the heads up, I was actually searching for spinos during my hunt too lol. I regret ignoring them when spinotasuchus wasn’t so great :grin:

Also noticed a decline on kaprosuchus. That tupac new flying dino is just spawning everywhere. Within that hunt I found 1 kapro and 6 tupandas :sleepy:


Yeah; seriously need Kapro … and Mono. Spino now crops up in L4 - quite frequently from what I saw last time I was in that zone. My Dracorex is only L16 at the moment.


Wow, great :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


It is Apex in the updated tier list of metahub, so she can’t be so bad :wink:


I halso had another opinion with my Sucotator, Metahub said she was alpha when I am convinced she was a tier below…
Well, we are here just sharing opinions, I told mine and you told yours.


Why always so negative?


You’d need the legendary petrosaurs at over level 20 to make any impact in arena 8 or above… just not worth it


Yeah but some are happy just to create her.