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Migrations balance change did you take in account the nerfs for L2?


Part of the 1.6 announcements was. Migration and World Balancing

  • In the previous update, we started to take into consideration the value of each creature when doing the world balancing. In this update, we also considered the value of the hybrids that can be created from them.
  • As usual, we welcome your feedback on this subject in our forums!

After 1.5 L2 was still not a bad zone to be in for end game hybrid making. You could get Dracorex generation 2, Gorgosaurus, Dracorex, Tenontosaurus, Ouranosaurus, Pyroraptor, and a hybrid of Stegaceratops. You are inundated with Einosaurus.

What 1.6 did. Dracorex Gen 2 was nerfed. Utarinex was a combination of Utasinoraptor with Dracorex and was considered one of the top dinosaurs. Tenontosaurus has made himself scarce and is his place is more Diplocaulcus Gen 2. Then there is of course Einosaurus, whose upgrade with Sarcorixis is not an upgrade with a loss of 5% armor for rarely used skills.

It appears the megalosuchus path way is now bottlenecked for the use of the Gorgosuchus DNA because Megalosaurus is a park rare now and left Area 1. (Edit: After some have said Megalosaurus was gone, it has now shown back up in Area 1. ) On another note Megalosuchus is outclassed and there is a better use for Kaprosuchus DNA.
So that leaves Pyroraptor and Ouranosaurus,
Pyroraptor is bottlenecked by the arena exclusive Irritator DNA… but it does lead to MagnaPyritor which appears upgraded.
Well at least L2 still has Ouranosaurus… I hope.

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Megalosaurus is definitely still l1, I’m looking at two right now. Maybe also a park rare. It appears dimetrodon has left l1 though.


Dimetrodon Is in zone 3 now


Thanks - I saw one on my drive through what I thought was l3 (was border). At least my kids after school day care is in l3 so I won’t be dimetro-poor, but I was spoiled in l1 with it - have 8 or 9k.


L4, for one, has not seemed to have changed at all…


megalosuchus still in L1, also the new rare flyer spawn in L1. I have seen in L4 spino epic, dimetrodon in L3, draco gen 2 in L3, less spawn of triceratops gen 2 and at the moment didn’t see any tenontosaurus


Sucho in L2


Majun after majun in my L1 capsules still. One sarcosuchus which was odd.


When are metahub gonna do their spawn analysis!? Don’t they get to play test the beta of each patch so they will have this content ready when release happens!?!? Why not give us players the beta we would have had a spawn chart done before 1.6 dropped!!!


Never use common scents in L1, especially at night! I’m a resident and trust me, it’s not worth it :disappointed:


I used to get kapros but they are very few and far between lately. I’ve had better luck early mornings when it’s still dark in the game.


Likewise for L3… Diplo after Diplo :cry:


Not to be weird but I took a pic of my woodstove fire today and made it my profile pic. It looked super cool lol.

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Scared me for a second, but can confirm that megalos are still in L1. Sadly dimes are replaced with scaps.


Seen plenty of the new bird here today too and felt obligated to shoot them for the alliance missions.


Im at L4 and all the same dinos so far the only new was the epic crocodile wich i believe spawned at parks only before


Where? Haven’t seen a single one… only the same old green diplocaulus :frowning:


Yesterday I’ve seen 2 in the wild and 2 with a rare scent. And also another guy in here said he saw them too. Keep looking you will find it!


Today I logged in to see a strange sight - lots of allosaurus and apatosaurus, with not a diplo in sight!.. Until I used a scent. Then I got one diplo. L3.


Yes, in the last 2 days I have seen at least 7 Dimetrodon around here, mine is level 16 because before Monday it was as difficult to find as the golden chicken.