Migrations Issues - Why Is Local 3 Still The Worst Zone? (big post)

I was so excited for this update. It promised many fun new features, new creatures, and hybrids but I was most excited to see Ludia finally acknowledging the pressing local zone issue. Which local zone issue?
Local zone 3

Here’s the quote from Ludia in their patch notes.

  • Rebalancing of the creature spawning to provide a better, more focused experience for new players.
  • Improved balancing ensures all players have access to the ingredients required to make Rare Hybrids.

It promises a better, more focused experience for new players(and old, we all need varied DNA).
Improved balancing ensures all players have access to the ingredients required to make Rare Hybrids.

So let’s take a look at each zone to show off just how much Ludia hate Local zone 3 users.

Local zone 1 -
Commons - Deinocherius, Dimetrodon Gen 2, Majungasaurus.
Rare - Dilo, Argentino, Dimetrodon, Megalosaurus, Majungasuchus
Epic - Kentro, Concavenator, Sinoceratops

Deinocherius is used for Diloracherius and you need a lot of it.
Dimetrodon Gen 2 is used for the little hybrid which nobody likes but some seem to overlevel and use to decent effect.
Majungasaurus, some people swear by its hybrid being good at high levels.
Dilo is an ingredient for Diloranosaurus and Diloracherius. Great rare.
Argentino. A rare which could’ve easily contained a hybrid step towards one of the three Nodopatosaurus, but nah. It’s just a useless rare.
Dimetrodon is used for Magnapyritor. Great rare.
Megalosaurus is used for Megalosuchus. Great rare.
Kentro is used for Ankyntro. Great defensive wall, which also leads to Tryko, one of the best uniques in the game atm. Sinoceratops is used for Allosino and Utahsino and both of those have uniques which are absolute apex predators in this game. Utarinex and Thor.
Concavenator, eh. Hopefully it’ll get a hybrid combined with Pteranodon and Ornithomimus creating Pteramimus mixed with Concave to make Pterminator :star_struck:

Overall an absolute beast of a Local zone. It was great before and losing Euoplocephalus, Lythronax, Purro Gen 2, Edmonto and Postimetrodon only improved it in my eyes.

Local zone 2 -
Common - Dracorex Gen 2, Euoplocephalus, Einio
Rare - Erlikosaurus Gen 2, Tenonto, Dracorex, Gorgosaurus, Einiasuchus
Epic - Pyroraptor, Ouranosaurus, Secodonto, Stegoceratops

Dracorex Gen 2 have two uses now. It’s amazing swap-in move at higher level could potentially win many battles but at the cost of lots of coin and it now has a hybrid with Trike Gen 2. Watched a few videos of it on Youtube and it seems to be of actual use with it’s swap-in stun and other moves. It’s not a bad hybrid.
Euoplocephalus is used to create Amargacephalus, a great early arena tank for new players and further into Tragodistis which is still one of the best tanks in the game.
Einiosaurus is used for Einiasuchus which is better than it was before as its Stunning Impact is now Greater Stunning Impact with the 75% stun chance.
Erlikosaurus Gen 2 is an amazing early game rare. It has a great moveset, speed, and damage. Tenontosaurus is now needed for another very good looking unique. We haven’t seen it in action yet but judging by damage, speed, crit chance, and moves it “looks” good.
Dracorex used for Utarinex and with a nice swap-in strike ability, great rare.
Gorgosaurus used for Gorgosuchus, which leads to Megalosuchus. Good rare to have in your zone.
Einiasuchus is the hybrid of what you’ve got in your zone. Einio and Nundasuchus, which is an anywhere spawn now.
Pyroraptor used for Pyrritator which is good on its own but also leads to Magnapyritor who’s missing a bit of love but it still a very good unique.
Ouranosaurus is used for Diloranosaurus which leads to Diloracherius. Amazing epic to have.
And then at the bottom we have Secodonto and Stegoceratops. Stegocera got a good buff so it’s actually a decent thing to have pop up to save coin on fusing ingredients, plus it leads to Monostegotops which is really good now.

Local zone 3 -
Common - Allo, Trike Gen 2, Diplocaulus.
Rare - Diplocaulus Gen 2, Postosuchus, Diplotator, Edmonto, Tuojiangosaurus
Epic - Erlikosaurus, Monolophosaurus, Spino Gen 2, Spinotahraptor

Allo might as well be a Global spawn as it is a restaurant spawn, so go to any city and you’ll see plenty of it in any zone. I never went to its past zones to dart it, yet accumilated 60k DNA by darting it around pizza places in my area. It might as well not be exclusive to the zone.
Trike Gen 2, useless on its own and only leads to a hybrid which we haven’t seen in action yet. But it looks very decent and a creature I’d love to derank and play around with on fair battlegrounds.
Diplocaulus. Utterly useless creature. It’s hybrid is trash.
Diplocaulus Gen 2. Just as useless as its gen 1 brother. Zero hybrids.
Postosuchus. Used to be a global spawn so if you don’t have +10k of it laying around then you ignored it. Meh rare to receive as an improvement to your zone.
Diplotator. Trash hybrid. Even new players shouldn’t go for it. A waste of coin.
Edmonto. Has zero use. But dart it, it might get a Rex unique hybrid in the future!!! Still a waste of a rare zone slot.
Tuojiangosaurus. Has two unique hybrids at lvl 20. Both are sadly very underwhelming. Tuoramoloch isn’t allowed to have good stats or moves since it’s easy to get(I suppose) and Dioraja still isn’t completely up to par with the other monsters in the unique apex class. To make it you need to find both Anky and Raja DNA in another zone.
Erlikosaurus. The saving grace of Local 3 since Erlidom just got a big buff but a unicorn. I’m a bit addicted to the game and is constantly going through Local 3 to find it. I’ve played since launch and even though I’ve been in Local 3 this entire time have found less than 10 in the wild. All others have been forced out via Epic scents, gotten during events, or incubators.
Monolophosaurus. Yes please. Two amazing hybrids. I mean. One amazing hybrid and a still functional hybrid. Monostego and Monomimus. Former given a buff, ladder received an attempted assassination. Monomimums is still decent but it’s the other one you want more now.

Local zone 4 -
Common - Monolophosaurus gen 2, Para, Suchomimus
Rare - Carno, Koolasuchus Gen 2, Spinosaurus Gen 1, Suchotator, Wuerhosaurus, Giraffatitan(didn’t mention the other local night/dawn/dusk spawns as they’re useless raptors)
Epic - Anky, Gorgosuchus, Koolasuchus Gen 1, Rajasaurus.

Monolophosaurus Gen 2, a piece of the puzzle for the Monolometrodom. Same comment as above.
Para. Used for Tragodistis and Paramoloch. Give it back to Local 3 already, Ludia. Grr.
Suchomimus. The internet seems to really love Suchotator so I suppose a really good common to have in your area. Personally not a fan but it’s well rounded and does its job well.
Carno should definitely be getting a hybrid later down the road. It was a Local 3 night time only spawn before and I darted every single one with pleasure. It was fun to dart.
Koolasuchus Gen 2. I found it to be a fun, good early arena rare. Not bad, not amazing.
Spinosaurus Gen 1. Used for Spinotahraptor leading into Spinotahsuchus which is an amazing Legendary.
Suchotator. Another zone with an ingredient and it’s hybrid in it. Save yourself the fusion cost and dart it.
Wuerhosaurus. Might get a hybrid, might not. Pretty bad on its own.
Giraffatitan was a bonus addition just because the other zones have raptors nobody wants as their Night/Dawn/Dusk bonus spawns. It’s used for Nodopatotitan. A decent tank, held back by its moveset.
Anky. The easiest epic to dart in the entire game and used for the great Ankyntro, the tank which’ll poke you back Rajakylosaurus, and the amazing Tryko. Amazing epic to have.
Koolasuchus Gen 1. Great for early arenas and might get a hybrid in the future.
Rajasaurus. Oh my. Two epics making a great hybrid in the same zone? Whaaaaat? That’s amazing.

Conclusion -

Ludia doesn’t listen to any of the Local 3 players asking for a bit of balance to the zones because nobody else are asking for changes to their zones. You could take a common, a rare, and an epic and swap with any other useful common, rare, and epic and I would have zero complaints. I just need something which’ll make me go “uh I’ll dart that” because right now 90% of the time I check the game and close it immediately as there’s only useless things around. We just want to feel like our zone is useful for once, Ludia.

Local 1, together with Local 4, is the best zone by miles with Deinocherius recently added, Dilo, Dimetrodon, Kentro and Sinoceratops. They could lose any of those and still be considered a great zone.
Local 2 has great commons, end game needed rares in Dracorex and Tenonto, and great very needed epics in Ourano and Pyroraptor. And saving coin on Stegoceratops is great value too.
Local 3 has Allo which everyone already has because of its nesting spot. Spinotahraptor which is great to save coin on and then the unicorn Erliko and the sadly only half needed Monolophosaurus. Nothing else matters, not even Tuojiango.
Local 4 is swimming in good stuff. Para, Suchomimus, Spino, Suchotator, Anky, Gorgosuchus(overleleved chews up tanks), and Raja. Given the fact that Anky and Raja make a great Legendary by themselves, I’d argue that Local 4 has a slight edge over Local 1 but I need Kentro right now, so can’t pick a favorite child.

Ludia, please take a look at the overwhelming evidence of just how trash Local 3 is. It’s atrocious how Local 3 has been allowed to become worse and worse. You took away Para from us. Then you thought giving us the “might as well be global” Allo would help and now you’ve taken away Erlikosaurus gen 2, Gorgosaurus, and Suchotator. Things which were good for early game players and people who like Suchotator.
If nothing else, please just start rotating the zones around. Like every month would be ideal. Then these complaints wouldn’t even be an issue. Do you play your own game, Ludia? Do you know how sad it is to open the game for 5 months in a row and see the same creatures spawn around you, only to have it “improved for proper balance” for the worse? It feels horrible. You feel like you don’t matter.

As a bonus, yesterday I went for a walk to check out the new spawns. Around me for over an hour spawned nothing but Diplocaulus. I started up two common scents to attempt to find some Velo DNA and received nothing but Diplocaulus. 10 Diplocaulus. Please code your scent to not allow such things to happen.

If you read all of this, thank you for your time.

TL;DR - Local 3 only got worse with this migration and I would really like to feel some Local 3 love and not have to wait 3 months for the next update.


This! Except I’m past that, I feel it’s being done on purpose. I mean, Local 3 was already trash before the update, providing access to like half a unique when all other zones had two. Then despite that being brought to their attention multiple times they add new uniques to L1 and L2 xD

I was so hopeful when initially I read this! But yeah. No.

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without really checking and i appologize… didnt L3 just get the ingredients for a unique and a good hybrid out of thor and dracoceratops?


Sino is the only thing you need for thor. I stopped darting allo long before it was even moved to L3. So unless sino was moved to L3…no.

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Well said… L3 REPRESENT! :clap:

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Living in L1 and working in L3 I feel your pain.
That said, local zones aren’t that big.
Five minutes down the road, you’re in a different zone.

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The whole city center (where it could actually be pleasant to walk and productive to hunt) here is L3.

Clearly it makes a huge difference where you live and work as I fused my second unique when my indoraptor was already 29. Most people get their second unique at ~23-25ish indoraptor it seems.


I was hopeful too, L3 myself. Not long after the update yesterday I scanned my viewable area, saw 8 Diplo and 1 Irritator Gen 2, NOTHING else. And on top of that, only 1 of the Diplo and the Irritator were within range, and I have VIP…

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The distribution of local zone isn’t a constant square range.
Actually in my place, a whole university campus, along with miles around here, are all L3.
This is really hopeless.:rofl:


I drive 1h to work with the bus trough every local zone and every local zone there is one dino overfloated the Zone

welp… the new comers still need all that stuff.

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Argentinosaurus seems pretty beast after the update with that crit chance

Argentino is the only able to gain 100% critical chance creature now.
Yeah, that looks pretty wild.

But I’ll say, if they give ferocity strike instead of extended critical for Argentino, the overall damage output will be better.:thinking:

L3 guys since start like me cant progress as fast as other zone guys, is a fact and ludia will lose slowly all those l3 people bored of this diplocaulus zone, usually i use common scent in my house and at third diplocauslus in a row i close the game xd.
And i think monolophosaurus epic spawn are nerfed too, i saw in the past like 2,3 at day and now only see 1 at week whit luck, same whit elrikosaurus.
Yes i can drive to another zone, but whit this cold and rain in winter i driving less and less and looking the game 5 min and closing it cause nothing interesting to hunt. I battle less and less too, when you fight guys in zone1 and 4 whit their uniques at 27 and you hardly can create or level to 22,23 yours…


If you are f2p, local 3 is really sad news for you. If you are p2w, it’s an okay zone, you can buy epic scents to get erilirkosaurus to create buffed eirlidominus.

One change can make the difference though, make the tuojiango based unique better. They are not that easy to get. Tuoramoloch is not easy to get in a short time if you are not p2w, dioraja has two epic components and 1 rare components, its requirements are only less than tryko.

the joy of hunting in L3 :frowning:


I think you have put together a nice piece of work. But this is ticking me :

It’s a great improvment with it’s powerful super-hybrid. It lets L4 alone in the worst rare spot aka “the place where you shouldn’t use your rare scent”
I take posto + tuo every day no question asked (maybe I will change my mind once my tryo will reach level 30 but still)

Otherwise epic used to be fine but what I find the most annoying is the diplocaulus everywhere. It nerfed diloranno back in the days and I hated it for that :smiling_imp:

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Local 4 I think is a worse one, it only has one unique dioraja and this one isn’t even good. Local 3 has 3 potential uniques. Raja event has 9 attempts and anky has 15.

Yeah, if anky with its two unique hybrids is moved to L3 from L4 and Stygi too then sure, buffing dioraja and toura will help.

Uhh…How did you do that count?

Dioraja, Tuora and Tryko all rely on L4 local spawn.
And … you can check how’s a L3 player feels like here.