Hello! Does anybody have any information on migration changes? Since I have started playing, there have only been minor changes in spawns (like swapping Dracorex for Spinosaurus, etc.) but I still see the same things day in and day out. Commons…Allosaurus, Suchomimus, and Paralophalous. Rares…Wheurosaurus and Giraffitian. And Anky and Raja daily. Do they ever switch it up? Will I ever see Sinaceratops or Kentrosaurus around here? Any answers would be super! Thanks!


There wasnt a massive migration with this last patch… but if your in need of sino and kentro need to find yourself a zone 1. Tip… if your surrounded by lyhtros your in the right spot…if you want to best maximize finding them an epic scent provided me with decent results. 2 sino 2 kentro 1 rex with my last epic scent… i live in zone 1…though concavenator is also a zone 1 epic spawn…so if unlucky you may just get those…


I live in L1… see concavenators ALLLLL the time :unamused:


I get at least two Concavenators every time I use epic scent in zone 1. Kentro has yet to spawn from a capsule for me :joy: