Mildly infuriating


Beware: what has been seen cannot be unseen.

Battle arena 2 (Mt. Sibo) preview/ loading screen background is mirrored left to right. Just noticed this today and it’s lowkey bothering me.


You will find out soon that every Arena is mirrored left to right XD


I’ve been to arena 3 and 4, luckily didn’t notice it then. Currently camping at 2 for Rex, Utah, Ankylo and Velo DNA.


All the way to Arena 7 and if an 8th one comes up it will be too for sure


And this is “infuriating”? XD There’s so many bad things in the game to get angry about, this is like the least of my concerns. Sure, a normal image without a mirror effect would be better, because I hate symmetry, but still :stuck_out_tongue:


I think he’s just kidding. ^^
We all know the problems with this game and I hope they will fix them someday. It’s still a great game right? Love playing it.


Infuriating isn’t it :laughing: best make peace with it though… :grimacing:


The title is a reference to the subreddit r/mildlyinfuriating, it doesn’t actually bother me that much XD