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Milena showing up as Ruby glitch

I’m matched with Milena, but when I went on a date with her after she returned today, she showed up as Ruby. As you can see from the photo, the text addresses her as Milena, but the image is of Ruby.


I had a similar problem but with Ana appearing as Ruby

Hey foxglove and JDR. You might recall your date saying that they would look different in your previous conversation. :wink:

It’s part of the story and will work itself out

I must have missed that

It’s a part of the story. She will transform back into whichever of the three girls you chose.

I truly don’t blame you and actually almost joked that it should be part of her story, thinking it was actually an error instead. :sweat_smile:

Considering it actually was part of the story, I feel now like my MC underreacted!