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Millipede (Creature file number #35)

Something big is crawling into the creature file, and I mean really big. It is a vegetarian though, even though it might have a taste of meat. Everyone, the Arthropleura has crawl into battle.

Rarity: Epic

Health: 4320

Attack: 1250

Speed: 111

Armor: 15%

Critical: 10%


Persistent Ferocious Strike

Revenge Rampage

Precise Impact

Possible hybrid: Arthrolus, Fuse with Arthropleura and Dimodactylus

Rarity: Unique

Health: 4650

Attack: 1290

Speed: 117

Armor: 15%

Critical: 10%


Persistent Ferocious Strike

Lethal Wound

Instant Lockdown

Precise Impact

  • The name, Arthropleura, means “Rib Joints”.

  • It’s unknown what this giant millipede eats, but fossil material suggests that it was a vegetarian.

  • Arthropleura was discovered in 1854 by Jordan and Meyer, which is also how this millipede got its name by.

Stay tuned for the next creature which is not as unbearable as we travel to Africa as it was thought to be a Nandi Bear.


If you want to draw any of the creatures that I got for my creature for you pfp, I’m 100% okay with that, as long as you credit me if you are going to do it.

Just read the title and thought “Yes, we need this in the game!”

Giant dragonflies as well?

I haven’t thought about the Giant dragonfly as they are small creatures are as small as a cockroach

Hmm, an armored insectoid pterosaur hybrid.

I like it.

Really? How?

Simply because the idea is so odd. Even I didn’t expect that. I’m assuming that most people would think I would get a third pterosaur for my super hybrid, but a giant millipede takes the cake for most unique looking hybrid.

Well. You and the millipede deserves a cake. Hand both of y’all cakes*

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