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Mimics, Secret Bosses, and more!

A few suggestions for Ludia that they could do for the game in the future:

Mimic Treasure Chests
Win a fight on the battle ladder, get your points and when you see what chest you get for winning, there’s an X% chance that it’s a mimic!
Choose to take the chest like normal, OR fight a 1v1 battle against a mimic for possible greater rewards!

Secret Bosses
We’re all used to the increased difficulty Secret Rooms, but what if on Stage 3/6/9 in a challenge, you’re offered a “Dimensional Door” to face a random Secret Boss!
Do you risk facing a random tougher, higher level boss that you don’t have the best gear/PCs for?

Story Mode: Diamond Run
So, you’ve completed the story mode, and miss that part of the game? How about a much tougher Diamond Run through story mode.
Stronger, Tougher, Higher level monsters.
Field effects per Chapter that make it harder to win. PCs get Increased Miss chance, or -50% effective healing. Monsters get immunity to negative Status Effects or always get critical hits.
Can you survive this New Game+ version of Story Mode?

Unmarked spaces in any challenge mode, that trigger a status effect on a Monster or PC that moves into that area.
Pit Trap? Stunned for a turn until you climb out.
Poison Dart Trap? Injured for 2 turns.
Snare Trap? Immobile for 2 turns.
Could also lead to a new rogue item that reveals or disables any traps.

Feel free to workshop these ideas, Devs!


Wow, amazingly simple yet effective suggestions, kudos. I’d imagine the easiest ones here to implement would be the Diamond Run and Traps, because all of that coding data exists already, there’d really be nothing new.

The Diamond Run in particular, there would absolutely nothing new for the developers to establish except for the modifiers…and ironically that’s the one solution that would expand PvE exponentially and appease so many late-game players.

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That’s what I was thinking.
There’s already so many instances of games that offer a more difficult playthrough after finishing it the first time, so this game could easily do the same.

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