Min trophies from battle should be higher

sometimes we play with lower ranking players…if we win, we got 1 trophy…if we lose we give out 50…

that makes higher ranking players unwilling to play in the last few days of a tournament…so unlucky players get pulled down by losing some 50 trophies in a losing streak will have no chance to come back.

so i suggest the min trophy for dealing with lower ranking players should be at least 5. and to encourage all people to battle, is it possible to give 1 trophy to those who win in fighting a bot?

since in the second season, people fighted day and night with bot and scored 20k-30k…that might be a little strange…but cutting it to zero…will just discourage people to battle near the end of a season…making the arena a dead water…i think 1 trophy is a pretty neutral suggestion.


I agree with this 100%. The trophy range for loses and wins is a lil crazy. I mean I understand that the higher player is supposed to beat the lower player. But sometimes this is out of the players control. Bad decks or bad rng can play a huge part on this. And sometimes it’s just not a players day. I understand that this is how tournament play works but somewhere in the middle would be fine with me.

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More like in my case I lose 40+ to people with dinos way higher level than my own and gain a little over 10 for winning against those same kinds of people. Needs to be more balanced.

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Yeah the trophy system sucks. You can lose to a lower player who gets lucky and dodges 5 times in a match and then whoop them 3x in a row and still not get back the trophies that you lost in that 1st match. I think 20 should be the minimum if i can lose 50+. I mostly battle players lower than me so it takes forever to recover from a couple losses.