Mind games

Well played sir, I kept expecting that instant invinc…

What mind games do you play?


Haha he/she is trying to pull a fast one on you!

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What do you have an account Hersh#2723.Today i bet with that account. Its yours account?and i invite that account to be my friends.sorry if i was false.

Yeah sometimes being unpredictable is a good thing, generally though they will pop the instant invincibility when they are going to die otherwise…but Yeah I am surprised he was willing to take the armour piercing hit. Risky but it worked for him!

Also could have been someone else new to the game trying out their friends account!

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I think I know who owns the tryko. Did you meet his lvl24 monomimus?

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I don’t really play mind games as such, but I do try and anticipate my opponent’s moves. Especially now since I’m encountering far more legendaries than before. So far I’m not doing too badly.

I’ve definitely got one anti I.rex tactic down. I tried it out today in a battle when my opponent brought out their (presumably) fresh-out-of-the-lab I.rex. I didn’t take a single bit of damage from it. :joy:

Yeah :sweat::sweat: 10101010

I like to use reverse psychology when fighting against Indos with spinota. Normal players usually hit that critical hit button first. I opened with lethal wound, anticipating he wouldn’t cleanse, and try to save it. Got him to open with armor piercing strike instead. Indo bleeds a bit, then is finished with a critical impact.

Im always in a mind game against monomimus. I can count the cool downs for any other dino, but for some reason when I go against one, I always think it can use distracting impact every time. Superiority strike spam when I could’ve killed it with apr lol.

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