Minecraft jurassic World hybrids

Did any of you notice there are super cool hybrid ideas in there

Anyone else want to see them in this game

Credit to bestinslot


Almost picked it up today… will probaly will tommorrow. Honestly 8$ is more then i like to spend on a map… but considering its actually made by the minecraft team i was curious.


I’ve always wanted hybrids with more genetic experimentation, like cuttlefish DNA and stuff, I hope it comes to the game eventually.


Yup than you can have a Rex that can camo like change it’s moves that will be great but very bad in some ways imagine a Rex that can do deverstation

wait… can you make those in the map?

So I picked it up and played this map for like 4 hours tonight.

Calling this a map is a bit of a mid statement… first off they recreate the Jurassic world park. Like just to walk around the place and to tinker with the park is quite nice. Innovation center has the holographic Dino’s when you walk in and you can change it to like 5 different Dino’s. Rex is their and you can even spawn him mine craft sheep. Mosasaur is their… working gyrospheres. Theirs lots more including hunting for dna… from fossils you can find in a dig site. Converting those fossils to an embryo is a three step process that hijacks a few of Minecraft’s systems like brewing… crafting… even furnaces but their disguised and don’t even really look like the old systems. The aviary is also pretty impressive.

Their is also 8 different “quick build” that give you two choices for a instant building. These range from safaris, aquariums, smaller avairys, rideables, paddocks for large carnos like the Indominus one( that’s in their top but is seperate), and a training center (Owens raptors have their own seperate one)for training raptors and plums raptors.

After you go through a brief introduction to the basic mechanics of the map you then are able to open the park. Once opened the park will begin experiencing disasters at an ever increasing rate its starts slow where you go long periods with no disasters. But by the three hour mark me and my kid were doing everything we could to keep it from going above 5 disasters because every time we got it under 5 we would instantly get two more. And they repeat a lot. But capturing lose wild Dino’s does let you add them to your park if you want. We got a spin-off we captured and put it in a large paddock.

One of the cooler things is unlike a lot of maps this one is done in survival. So outside of a few select rooms like the lab and control room Everything can be built on and changed how you see fit…and they encourage it. When you spawn in one of the quick builds the spawn in two full shulker boxes(portable chests for non Minecrafters” of building materials and the box will refill them if you ask.

It’s way more then I expected from a Minecraft map only real problem I had was with 2 player performance from vehicles sucked. Even with us on different xboxs. But that’s something I find on all maps like this. But you got jeeps, atvs, and helicopters. All work just fine for me in single player.

Best 8 dollars I spent.

Edited to add: this isn’t a java edition mod… this is on bedrock… so Xbox, ps4, switch, Windows 10, and Mobile… I know that matters to some

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