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Mini Dinos Please

Just wanted to say that we needed miniature Dinos.

We need anims for both Mini carnivores (Compsognathus; Eoraptor)
And both Mini herbivores (Psittacosaurus; Mussusaurus)

What other miniature Dinos can You Think of?

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In which game? In Jurassic World The Game, I don’t really see small dinosaurs being playable, although they would be cool as background animals in some enclosures and battle arenas.
I do see them in Jurassic World Alive, I mean, they made turtles actually being able to kill a T-Rex, this should be a peace of cake.

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Oh yeah maybe it would be cool to see them Just scurry Around in a boss Battle, They Shouod appear running every 20 Seconds… (Jw: Tg)