Mini map or radar in the game

This game it’s about hunting dinos, so why not to put a minimap or radar in the game, doing so ludia can make news daily missions like hunt the dino in the marked spot and you will recieve more dna or something like that.

that minimap or radar also can be used to see the trace of a dino so we can search that dino


I had made a suggestion about dpg herd reports that would work with that - basically a herd of x running through this point for the next hour, or whatever. You go there and dart a bunch. The minimap could show the location. It’s strange the a game based on location really doesn’t have a whole lot of location based parts of the game.

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The new daily missions are screwed up enough already as it is, what with an ever increasing amount of tasks to be done which keeps getting higher each day it will soon reach the point that no one will be able to complete the set amount of tasks that should be done in one day at all. plus the hackers would screw it all up anyway illegally hacking the game or using game cheats they usually finish a full days tasks in a little over 2 minutes at most so whats the point…>>> hackers have all but destroyed / ruined the game for everyone like they always do… enuff said ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think the daily quests actually are not too much difficult to do, maybe the opening of battle incubators because if you don’t have time to play could be difficult to achieve the quest.

Anyways, the idea of the post it’s to add a possible new idea or content for the game and not complain about what we already know.