Minimal Local Spawns

I tried to map out the town for local spawn areas. But mostly all looked the same and couldn’t even identify local areas. We’re currently overrun with event dinos, weekly hybrid, and daily dinos to the point that it is frequently all that’s available to dart. And after getting max event attempts it’s hardly worth hunting. Please increase local spawns so we can pick what we want to hunt.


I’m about to blow my head off if I shoot or see another Suchomimus. That’s my loacal spawn and majority of my scents. I wish the common local spawns would switch up.

Until yesterday I would have completely agreed with you. I had begun to yearn for suchumimus and wherosauro !!! but yesterday I perceived that the thing had changed. In a stretch of 25 minutes by train I saw more than 20 tarbos and Charlies and Deltas reappeared that no longer appeared since the new version came out. I think they realized the problem and they are trying to improve it. I hope so because finding rares and area epics was increasingly difficult.

They definitely need to dial down the daily commons.

Except on Stego day … keep those bad boys coming :smile:


I wish daily dinos were attracted by scents. Featured weekly dinos are so why not?

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I’m not so sure about the commons - you’d get nothing but; epic and rare though :+1:

Supposedly ouranosaurus is my zone now and besides the first day of the change I haven’t seen any.

I agree that the daily commons are everywhere and sometimes you see a lot of the daily rare but not too many epic daily.

I wish I could find more epic in the wild besides bary. Sometimes I see nodopato which is different. I actually got a gryposuchus this morning in a scent and I was happy.

Daily commons could go down a little and I wish Suchomimus would go extinct and I hope stego day is so abundant that I can’t see anything but them. Oh and Darwin.

Send them my way. I haven’t seen a Suchomimus in the wild since about September last tear. :cry:

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Would it be possible for them to add another zone? I feel like that’d be the easiest way.

I wish I could. People in my group keep requesting sucotator so I just keep maxing them and fusing more lol

At some point I think that new zones will have to happen as more and more animals are added to the game. But either way, I fear we will end up with diluted zones with lots of different dinosaurs but specific ones will be harder and harder to find.

Here’s a great example. Event dinos and Ophiacrap.

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One of my friends just asked me what local Draco spawned last night.
Told him there were no rotations and it’s still L2.
So it’s certainly a problem.
It’s a tad heavy handed, but if you are looking to map, 50 cash for the 5 small common scents should allow you to do so.