Minimal speed up strikes working against immune creatures

Anyone else found that a minimal speed-up strike works to get the go off a faster immune creature?

Had this happen several times to me over past week.

Tried it out myself and was able to get the go back off a faster immune creature.

Will report as bug but wondered if I’m missing something/anyone else had noticed too before I do?

Its not affecting the other creature negatively so yes, it will work

Min spd strike isnt a decel its a boost to you


You are increasing the speed of your own dino by 10%, not affecting the opponents speed

So eg. Erlidom vs Procera match up is 129 vs 131

When Erlidom uses min speed up it increases speed by 10% to 142 hence outspeeding an immune dino in this case Procera

I only learnt this yesterday min speed ups also stack


Lol! Ohhhh, really? Dear me. How did I miss that :joy::see_no_evil:

Thanks both, and @leylandlad97 particularly for that explanation - that makes sense now.

I had in my head that immune creatures were immune to everything and if they were faster that stood…

Has it always been this way??

Hahaha! Doh!



Now that’s sorted.

I’m going to leave this post up here despite my embarrassment, in case it helps someone else…



Right ok got you, ok never really ran into this until speed boosts weird,

But yes mss has nothing to do with your opponent. Never has never will. It affects your own dino. Your opponents dino is irrelevant whether it’s immune or not

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And Erlidom doesn’t have 131 base speed! Get your facts right before critisising others

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Chill dude he made a mistake. You may have felt he was criticising you but he wasn’t, but you were the one being rude in your response. So shame on you.

Sure isn’t. Mine is 155
Nice edit in original post too btw

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