Minimal Stunning/Low Stunning Chances Glitch?


Hey sports fans…

So for the past day or two, I have both inflicted and been the victim of frequent successful minimal and low stunning attacks.
ie: stegaceratops back to back successful minimal stuns at 10% chance
(this has happened a few times both by me and my opponents… the chance of this happening back to back is 1%)

same thing with the low stunning strikes which would typically only be successful 20% of the time but somehow have stunned every time.

i’m wondering if theres a glitch in the program… or do I just have both terrible and great luck

anyone else out there with similar experiences lately?


It’s all luck. I’ve also had to opposite: my stegoceratops was up against another and neither of us could buy a stun. I always call BS when a low stunning strike gets me, but I don’t complain when I land one. They do happen, but to see multiple in a row is rare.


oh no complaints on my end… its all statistics. i just had improbable events happen frequently and in succession so i was wondering if it was only me… haha, and stego is such a love/hate relationship!