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Minimum recommended dinos to have a team of L1 Indoraptors

I know we’ve done this a few times, but here we go again. :wink: (With a different take too!)

I’m planning out my path to having Indoraptors. Most people seem to hatch just one with a weaker team.

After fusing my first Indo, I want to speed hatch maybe 5-7 Indoraptors. (6-8 total)

Due to this, I need a competitive team of dinos around L1 Indoraptor (9072F).

Note, a lot of these are 6x as I plan to hatch 12x of each. When all of my hatching is complete, I’ll burst evolve everything together and fuse the Indoraptor.

The advantage is my plan below doesn’t need to include any Carnivores. In theory, saving me some DNA and getting me there faster.

My initial plan was:
6x L20 Gorgosuchus (7786F)

6x L20ish Segnosuchus (9230F at L20, likely sub 20)
2x L40 Unayrhynchus (Just a couple of Herb meat shields)

6x L20ish Metria (10397F at L20, likely sub 20) NOT unlocked yet
6x L20 Zalmonodon (7925F)

6-8x L1 Indos (I’ll likely have more SDNA by then, so maybe more)

With Metria being locked to me due to missing a Metriacanthosaurus unlock…

will I be ok with 6x Amphibians, 8x Herb, 6x Birds and 8x Carnivores?

Note this would support about 8-9 Jurassic battles a day as these guys have 20H ranged cool downs.

Do I need to wait until I have Metria hybrid? How critically necessary is it over Zalmonodon in dealing with Amphbians?

Today I have:
10x Gorgosuchus
4x Segnosuchus
1x Unayrhynchus
4x Zalmonodon

So, I still have months of hatching during which I could land a possible Metriacanthosaurus unlock.

Yes, note the lack of VIPs. I only have 3 that can make it to L40. Most of them L30. But if I do that, I’m really gutting my Dom teams.

The only super hybrid I have in numbers is Mono. Diplo is catching up right now though. But Diplo would need to be L40 to be kind of helpful.

Do I need to add in Koolasaurs (L40 8587F) or Ostaposaurs (L30 8087F)?

Am I crazy trying to leap into the Indo and skipping carnivores?

Should I really have more numbers?

Other thoughts?


Well level 20 metriaphodon with advantage
gets 3600 damage he can take down any amphibian with 8700 hp with two hits … zalmonodon level 20 needs four hits because with advantage he gets 1900 damage and with three hits he gets 7700 damage…

Level 40 Koolasaurus has a cooldown over than 1 day but it’s more strong than ostaposaurus level 30…


Since you’re actively working toward your plan, you may get there before I do. I want to finish bringing up my tournament creatures before I start working on my hybrids.


You don’t need any other carnivores really once you have a team of Indoraptors. Metriaphodon can make up for a lot of short Cummings (comings) with its attack, same with Indoraptor. You will have to be a bit more careful with Amphibians since you will be lacking the attack of Metriaphodon but your Segnosuchus can also double as the same attack as Zalmonodon I am guessing just won’t have the class advantage.

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I like these threads so it gives me something to work towards. I still need a lot of these unlocks, so I’m many months away, but please keep these type of threads coming. They’re very helpful for us still in the very early stages of planning.

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In reality tupuxuara level 40 and tapejalosaurus level 40 can be used in the same way as a zalmonodon level 20 … so I don’t see much sense in zalmonodon maybe just for a little more HP and Attack? anyway…

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SDNA vs DNA. I don’t control how fast I get the right SDNA.

I can’t build the required numbers for lots of super hybrids like I can regular hybrids.

Gorgos at level 20 have around an 18hr cooldown. At 21, the cooldown jumps to like 34-35 hours. However you pick up 1000 health and 300 some attack. 21 is above level 1 indoraptors, and 20 is a bit lower.

My army of gorgos is at the top of my ferocity bench, however, I don’t use them that often due to cooldown, and only then on PvE events. For the carnivore heavy game, they are invaluable.

These are my top use dinos at current, and the ferocity is balanced well.

Level 30 indominus is a nice compliment to the more tanky Gen2 indoraptor…

Yes, these 6 types do 90% of my difficult events. I don’t use the gorgos for tournaments, do not need to.


I found this very helpful. I plotted out ferocities and whatnot but it’s nice to see it in the game.

@Andy_wan_kenobi we are on the same trajectory! I am working on bringing all my Tournament creatures up to level 40 before bringing up hybrids.


My lineup looks very similar to @Potato… if you read my original topic on when to add Indoraptors you can see how much we kind paralleled each other on strategy for how to build our teams and when to add them. The only real difference is so far I’ve only brought a single Gorgo past level 20 due to the big jump in CD that brings with it, but I am planning to add another soon. I have a number of Metrias that I’ve bumped up to level 17 to have a few with just a bit more attack to use (and that slightly higher health is useful in cases where the 16 could be taken out with 1 hit). I would strongly recommend waiting until you have this hybrid added before making a bunch of Indoraptors. Of any of them, it’s the one I would least want to be without.

I would also add there’s no need to bring VIPs up to level 40, I’ve left ALL of mine at level 30 or below and use those frequently in both my PvEs, and in tournaments. It might help you get to the kind of numbers you need for a lineup of Indoraptors without the Metria in the short term… but once you unlock it, you can’t roll those back again and they are way harder to replenish than anything else in the game.

Remember, patience is a virtue… in life particularly… but it’s definitely something well rewarded in this game as well. If your lineups are well-balanced, there’s just no real rush to add Indoraptors… you don’t need them to do anything in the game other than unlock a badge or story missions, so they really are completely on your own personal timeline in terms of when you want to make your events a lot harder. When I finally added them, it was kind of like “okay, that wasn’t as big a deal as players make it out to be… what’s next?”


What I really want to know is WHO is this “short Cummings” guy and when did he sneak into the game?

I just couldn’t help picturing American civil rights icon Elijah Cummings (a fairly short fellow) taking on some Indoraptors.


Lol I have no idea, auto correct playing tricks on me, I left it in so the thread would continue to make sense.


Well, I have a little health problem maybe I’m this guy :joy:

what the heck are those indoraptors doing? are you gonna evolve them?

After today’s discount window I’ll have:
10x Gorgosuchus (of 12x total)
5x Segnosuchus (of 12x total)
2x Unayrhynchus (of 16x total)
5x Zalmonodon (of 12x total)

5x I-Rex (I had 4x at a L21) (of 9x total, I always want to keep one copy after a fusing a hybrid vs a full L40)

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