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Minimum recommended dinos to have a team of L1 Indoraptors

I love your lineup. It is great

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I find it funny why peole don’t just upgrade them to level 10. I mean why the hell would you keep a level 11 when you could have a level 20? I mean sure it brings up your team power as well but the game isn’t fun if it’s not a challenge

Some people like a more cautious approach, may I ask how many Indoraptors you have? If you have any pairs of them why haven’t you fused and leveled them if you haven’t?

Not saying you should but more of an illustration on the extreme side.


if you don’t have depth this will not be a challenge …
but a Mission: Impossible…


Yeah sure I have 3 indo raptors, 2 level 10 and 1 level 20. I blame myself for being dumb enough to fuse them. I also quit for 2 years so I’m super low on S dna

Sorry they slightly out of order

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I have 8 indoraptors in the park…
I sold 8 to have DNA for other dinos…
Total 16 raptors…

40k by indoraptor…

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you’re wasting your time flexing on a rushed player mate. If there was a record for playing this game the wrong way I would win it.

No worries I just like to use them as an example since they vary in strength so much from lvl to lvl. Some folks like to keep a very steady progression of their creatures for balance purposes. Folks keeping creatures at various levels in between the main base ten levels are just taking this approach to the next level.

For instance here is my top few sets of Jurassic creatures:

You will notice I have creatures that can be leveled but I am following a very specific plan I have laid out for my self and trying to keep my top set of creatures as close to the lvl 40 Gorgosuchus ferocity, and then when the rest of my lineup is ready I will move on to lvl 20 Indoraptor ferocity, and then level 31 Metriaphodon, and then lvl 40 Segnosuchus, and so on up the chain when my depth is ready because of cool downs on these creatures start to get into multiple days.