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Minimum recommended dinos to have a team of L1 Indoraptors

We gotta see your full lineup when you have a moment, it’s gotta be stacked now!

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You do realize it’s hard to get indo raptors right. I can’t just automatically have 10 indoraptors. You also realize that a level 10 has a one day cool down so I can only use uo once a day. Having 3 indoraptors is not enough to be a full carno roster.

so do you want to use 10 indoraptors twice a day? XD indoraptor is a matter of patience soon you will have 10

Yeah but the thing is for the 10 months I’m waiting to get more indo raptors I’m going to have literally no carnos.

I’ve been at this game for 2.5 years. I have not yet made my Indoraptors because I’ve been concentrating on other things, gamewise, mainly making level 40s (or enough creatures to make a level 40) of everything else. I’ve got six more tournament legendaries and then the legendary and tournament legendary hybrids to go, barring any new creatures. However, I have over 64,000 units of Velociraptor S-DNA, so I will be able to fuse both Indoraptors and then make 28 more copies once I decide to do so. My point is that unless you are speed evolving to Indoraptor, by the time your lineup can support Indoraptors, you should have plenty of Velociraptor S-DNA to make several, provided that you complete your PVE, participate in tournaments, and such.


Yeah I quit this game for like 2 years. I just started again like 1 month ago and I quit when indo raptors just started coming out

in 3 months you will have all the indoraptors you need :ok_hand:

Let’s hope. I’m honestly just excited to get back into this game. I love the look of these dinos. I really would like to get cerizinosaurus. But if you’re serious about him not being needed with me getting a bunch of indo raptors then I’m going to work on my coin production instead. It would be common hybrids so I would be spending a lot of DNA on not very good dinos. But I’m willing to do it If your right about me being able to get lots of indo

Sure. I’m pretty thin on carnos at the top though. Other than fight for funds, I can typically still win with L20 VIPs.


Why dont you upgrade your cerizinos to like level 10? That way youll have some more powerful carnos

I keep my lower Dino’s to 10 hour cool downs for tournament use. That is just over 2000 health for L10 or less tournament hybrids.

Since my plan is to jump into 10 Indoraptors, I’m trying to make do with the IRex hybrid parts and the couple of VIPs with full paddocks where I need to level them up.

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Looking strong! It’s good motivation for me knowing where to aim for when I eventually make indoraptors myself!

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I love your lineup. Very well thought out. Makes me wanna change some things around

thanks. 10 char

I did not read this thread fully (or if I did, I don’t remember atm) so since I have a Lineup of Indoraptors, I can list out some here for you if by any chance it helps.

  • VIP Level 40s for Complete Balance, VIP 30s also work
  • Monostegotops Level 20
  • Metriaphodon Level ~15
  • Diplosuchus Level 40
  • Zalmonodon Level 20

I’m still yet to make Segnosuchus and Tapejalocephalus so when I do I’ll add which levels I’ve kept them at.


Being the super conservative player I am, I’m only using legendary as I keep my super rare and rare types grouped together to.

Segnosuchus level 20 its 9229,6 Ferocity

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Thanks, very helpful! I will add a few more metriaphodons, then I may go for the raptor!

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Two more gorgos, so I’ll have 11x L11
One metria… I’ll have 3x total. I don’t seem to use them as much as sengo though.

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Two Zals and a metria last week

One armormata today. Wow, they expensive.