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Minimum recommended dinos to have a team of L1 Indoraptors

Fused and created Pteraquetzal.

Not in the plan, but bought 3 more of them today.


@Timmah what level do you plan on taking your Metriaphodons to ready for your Indoraptor’s?

I’m trying to plan well ahead in how many I need to buy and what level I need them at. So far I only have plans with multiple Armormata’s at L14 which is 9062F, just short of Indo 9072F at L1.

I’m going to keep them all just below the Indo at L1. I don’t know the exact level. I calculate the ferocity of L11 and go to L12, see the difference and keep moving up as long as the current level plus the difference between the last is less than 9072, I’ll level up.

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Metriaphodon at level 15 is 8,990 ferocity and at level 16 its 9,271
lvl 10 Indoraptor of 13,609 = Metriaphodon at lvl 23 (13,487) = Segnosuchus at lvl 28 (13,474) = Gorgosuchus at lvl 30 (11,868) = Zalmonodon at lvl 30 (12,082) = Armormata at lvl 21 (13,330)


Thx for answering an unasked question of mine: no, I’m not ready to lvl up my indoraptors from lvl 1 to 10.

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Bookmarking this post, thanks :grin:.

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Also pteraquetzal wont be far off of gorgo (slightly weaker) for anyone working on this one.

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Yeah I didn’t mention it as I haven’t created it yet :eyes:. But I am cataloguing all of the tournament hybrids at every level. It’s a large list but once it’s complete or at least complete as of that time I will post it somewhere on the forums for folks to reference. It will be another couple of months before it’s complete of course.


I was surprised to see in one of your latest videos that you had quite a few tourney hybrids locked still, I like how you’ve zoned in on a few of the great ones and made an army of them, just the carnivore tourneys and pteraquetzal you’ve still yet to make right?

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Yeah the only ones I have locked are these…

Just the four, they will get made eventually but the carnivores will be last, to expensive and not of a whole lot of use when you have enough Indoraptors. Of course from a collector side I will make them but it will be down the line… way down the line.


That helps so much, thank you! What level would Gorgosuchus be to be around L1 Indo ferocity please?

I want to say a L21 gorgo is about the same as a L2 Indo.

Level 20 is 7,786 level 21 is 9,767 so you have to decide if you want weaker or stronger than the lvl 1 indo.


That’s perfect, thank you! Just keeping my fingers crossed for the CoT result.


Oh wow my lineup is pretty much ready to handle indos at 1 then

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7x I-Rex Gen 2.

May as well do both indos at the same time. Plus beacon badge now.

Those guys are a lot less DNA, but for the quantity, my DBs took a hit.

I did one armorata last week.

I’m hoping for a big hatchery discount this weekend/Easter, so I fused my I-Rexs and now have L21: 2x gen 1 and 2x Gen two. I’ll work on rebalancing my line up/feeding up as it is just after Tuesday fight for funds.

It looks like I’ll need about 40million food each to get to level 40.


So, it’s happening. Sure, I could sandbag more, but I had maxed food and a trade for 30million more in the TH for coins on the hatchery discount day.

Gen 2 was stronger, so I feed that one up; 2x L21 to Indo is just over 40million food.

The indo g2 fuse will stay in the evolve chamber until after I complete fight for funds. Than I’ll do Gen 1.


Indo raptor g1 took about 31 million food including L40 I-Rex rewards.

I than spend another 20million leveling other Dino’s up.

I strongly advise maxed food if trying to do what I did. I have two big coins to food trades… I got another after doing the first… so I got luck and still have a lot of food for the coming leveling of other Dino’s.

I now have 10x Indos and 8x Indo G2. They smashed the last battle in fight for funds… we’ll see what next week brings though.

Edit: line update

I’ll need to do more evolving and leveling with the lower stuff, but I will do it as needed over the next week. Or at least speed up evolve it as needed.


Damn, that looks good. It looks great to see where the rest of your lineup is in comparison, gives everyone a visual cue of what to aim for too.

You’ve made me want to start making Zalmonodon’s too now.

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