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Minimum recommended dinos to have a team of L1 Indoraptors

Originally I was going to move up from VIP L20, and I think I’m glad I didn’t do that. I made a stoping point at L21 I-Rex which let the sengo L11s in.

Most players move up more slowly, but I didn’t want to let go of the use twice a day cooldowns before jumping to a solid once a day cool down. I guess I want to be able to play when I want to vs the game dictating it to me.

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Nice! I just hope we get some variety this year with amphib hybrids like we did last year with the pterosaurs now


Nice - thanks for the data. I’m right at this decision point too. I have 1 Indoraptor and 1 Gen 2, but would like to build out the Indo Army since I have 33K Velociraptor DNA stored up. Main issue has been Amphibians, but the last CoT unlocked Gorgosuchus for me, so I’m on my way!

Looks like you’ve settled on Lvl 20 Gorgosuchuses. How’s that working out for you? I have enough DNA saved up for 6 lvl 20s, but only 3 21s. I was worried that Lvl 20 at 7786 Ferocity (compared to 9072 for the Indos) might not cut it. I was considering going to Lvl 21 Gorgo and then level everything up to ~9500 ferocity. Would mean leveling up my VIPs to Lvl 40 as well…

Anyway, great to see your lineup - thanks for posting. I’m noticing a lack of S-Hybrids… I find Lvl 20-30 Monostegotops and Tapejalocepahlus are really helpful. Reduces the need for expensive Segnos and Zalmonodons.

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Wednesday has the most tougher Jurassic battles. I just used 9 gorgos and a couple of the VIP amphibians. Battles were ok, no nail biters.

I was getting a little nervous that I might run low as I have several early battles calling for two amphibians.

I’ll have to start playing with trying to get 1 amphibian to work, as my other classes are thinner. I plan to hatch wa bunch of herbs and birds tomorrow. I would have done that first, but I was hoping for a large discount over Easter that we didn’t get.


My battles on wednesday seem to be very carnivore heavy forcing me to use up all my amphibians also, these gorgos will help massively next week.

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I missed the discount last week, so no new Dino’s.

Today’s fight for fund wasn’t too bad. Having sengo and metria are a great help, even if it is 2 or 3 at L19/L15.

The only one that still seems to get tapped out is gorgo.

18 Indoraptors is really not needed. Maybe 8 would be ok to squeeze into what I am doing.

I’ll report on how tomorrow goes next.

Edit: Wednesday was another heavy amphibian use day again, but two of the battles was 3 carnos, so I could use L20 VIPs. If 11x gorgos isn’t a choice, you may want/need the extra Indoraptors. As you can see above, gorgo is the only amphibian hybrid I have at the top of my line up. Others just require a lot more DNA and have longer cooldowns due to being L21+ vs L20.


Today I think i settled on half a plan concerning adding indoraptors. Well 1st i’m going to keep hatching I rex’s, both G1 and G2, I want both indoraptors at the same time at at least very close together similar to Timmah. Aside from that I’m going to add copies of Armormata, Segnosuchus, Metriamorphadon, and probably Zalmonodon in prep for the ferocity jump. I’m going to keep holding out on beefing up my amphibs in hopes of a new amphib, I’ll still ad a few gorgo’s eventually but I still have time to wait for something a little better.

I’ll continue to level up my VIPs as I get them, they don’t play a huge roll in my line up currently and am saving LPs for an unknown future loyalty pack discount to take advantage of or try and pull some shenanigan’s if possible :smiling_imp:

The tournament plan is basically to keep all of my sHybrids at lvl 10 for tournament runs. It won’t be long before I have 12 Mono’s, 12 Diplo’s and a bunch of Spino and Dime’s along with all the other carno’s I have that are good for tournaments. I don’t use Ptero’s for tournaments but I’ll have a fair amount of Tape’s as well. The idea here being that they are good for tournament runs, quick cool downs and have probably the worst return/ferocity increase for leveling up out of all dino’s in the game. Plus I can just save up the sDNA and not worry about having my paddocks maxed, maybe make 2 lvl 30 or 40’s down the road.

That’s about what I got, as far as time frame I have no idea, I’ll just keep plodding along not doing a ton of speeding up of my 6+ day hatches so it might take a little bit. I have a little bit of DNA saved up but hatching a few tournament hybrids even on discount will chew it up real quick.


You don’t need nearly as much as I hatched.

10 Indos are more than enough.

8 birds and 8 herbs would be ok. I used zal way more than metria when they were both in the level 10-12 range, but at L20 for both, metria is used way more. Zal at 21 jumps too high. Armormata vs sengo, I go back and fourth. At L14 armormata has a 22.5h cool down, so its daily usage window is small than sengo 11 hour cooldown.

As for gorgo, I’d still recommend 11 at L20. Long cool down and lower ferocity.

I sand bagged it to high heaven. Most of my VIPs are L20, some at L30. Since I have so many top level Dino’s, I don’t use them much. But I still work them in for practice and variatey.


Thanks for the info, very useful.

how was the all carno PvE for you today?


Not a problem, I used a mix of gen 1 and 2 Indos. I think I even did a throw away L1 for one.

This event would be one were extra Indos would be helpful. But none of the other events called for Indo level carnos. 9 ish top tier carnos in your line up and you should be ok. I used 11 total Indos today.


I made the jump recently. My lineup at indo raptor ferocity isnt very deep but I haven’t had an issue yet. The class specific PvE is probably where I will have some problems on occasion. I have a few 6k ish ferocity dinos that r still useful so I’m not entirely relying on my top few either so that helps.

I also tend to skip some events and don’t have to worry about the extra VIP events so that helps as well.

Here is basically what I have. (Left out 6 lvl 10 monostegos and tapes shybrds each). I also have a lvl 11+ metriamorphodon in the fusion chamber and 2 copies in the hatchery. I’ll have 5 g1 and g2 indo raptors when I get them all hatched out. My amphibs need work but I’m holding out for a new hybrid, foot is down. Well I might make 1 lvl 21+ osta and 1 lvl 11+ gorgo while I wait though.



The L30 VIPs are very capable still. I use them end of day to ensure everything is off cooldown the next morning.

L15 metria are very capable against carnos too.

You can level armor at a to to L14 and be under the Indo. Cooldown gets long though.

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Yeah I am kinda hoping to rely on lvl 30 VIPs a bit. Hopefully soon I will be adding to those. Been saving up for an unknown discount day in the future.

Counting on Metria to pick up some of the slack from the lack of amphibs too.

It seems lvl 14 armor fits right between the g1 and g2 indo’s at lvl 1. Would like a few more of those but man they are pricey.

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I agree they are pricey.

I tend to use sengo more, if you have sengo unlocked, I’d put resources there first. I thought going in armormatta would be more useful.

Same with zal, metria is more useful, but that may also be due to L21 is too much and L20 is a bit weaker.


Your level 20 tapes and monos should be quite helpful alongside indos too.

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I was wondering when I should get I did as well he is my line up at the moment. I know I won’t be getting them for a while but I can almost buy 3 once I max indo rex gen1 or 2

It all depends on how balanced and deep of a line up you want.

I want super deep and balanced, so I sandbagged for along time.


From what I just did I think it is possible to get by with just 3 or 4 lvl 20 Monostego’s and Tape cephalus’s each and then some lvl 30 VIP amphibs and not have too much trouble with PvE. But like i mentioned above I have a slew of dino’s from 4k ferocity to just over 6k. These are important as filler/meat shield throw aways and for tournament runs.

I mentioned above I have 6 lvl 10 mono’s and 6 lvl 10 tape cephalus I didn’t include in the lineup pictures. Along with 9 or 10 Diplosuchus, several lvl 20 VIPs and everything in between. More than enough to complete other events that don’t require top dino’s, and knock out hundreds of trophies during a tournament in one go without cool downs.

One thing to consider as well is with the sHybrids is that they have probably the worst leveling stat increases of all creatures in the game. At lvl 10 they are beasts but don’t hold pace as you fuse them and the gains are very minimal compared to other dino’s that start out in similar ferocity ranges.

In the end do what you want, you can make just about anything work but if finishing all pve and doing tournaments at same time is your thing you might want to get some more depth 1st. If you fused your shybrids you wouldn’t have much left. A lvl 40 t rex is your 13th best dino which in the end isn’t all that great.