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Minimum recommended dinos to have a team of L1 Indoraptors

Originally I was going to move up from VIP L20, and I think I’m glad I didn’t do that. I made a stoping point at L21 I-Rex which let the sengo L11s in.

Most players move up more slowly, but I didn’t want to let go of the use twice a day cooldowns before jumping to a solid once a day cool down. I guess I want to be able to play when I want to vs the game dictating it to me.

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Nice! I just hope we get some variety this year with amphib hybrids like we did last year with the pterosaurs now


Nice - thanks for the data. I’m right at this decision point too. I have 1 Indoraptor and 1 Gen 2, but would like to build out the Indo Army since I have 33K Velociraptor DNA stored up. Main issue has been Amphibians, but the last CoT unlocked Gorgosuchus for me, so I’m on my way!

Looks like you’ve settled on Lvl 20 Gorgosuchuses. How’s that working out for you? I have enough DNA saved up for 6 lvl 20s, but only 3 21s. I was worried that Lvl 20 at 7786 Ferocity (compared to 9072 for the Indos) might not cut it. I was considering going to Lvl 21 Gorgo and then level everything up to ~9500 ferocity. Would mean leveling up my VIPs to Lvl 40 as well…

Anyway, great to see your lineup - thanks for posting. I’m noticing a lack of S-Hybrids… I find Lvl 20-30 Monostegotops and Tapejalocepahlus are really helpful. Reduces the need for expensive Segnos and Zalmonodons.

Wednesday has the most tougher Jurassic battles. I just used 9 gorgos and a couple of the VIP amphibians. Battles were ok, no nail biters.

I was getting a little nervous that I might run low as I have several early battles calling for two amphibians.

I’ll have to start playing with trying to get 1 amphibian to work, as my other classes are thinner. I plan to hatch wa bunch of herbs and birds tomorrow. I would have done that first, but I was hoping for a large discount over Easter that we didn’t get.


My battles on wednesday seem to be very carnivore heavy forcing me to use up all my amphibians also, these gorgos will help massively next week.

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I missed the discount last week, so no new Dino’s.

Today’s fight for fund wasn’t too bad. Having sengo and metria are a great help, even if it is 2 or 3 at L19/L15.

The only one that still seems to get tapped out is gorgo.

18 Indoraptors is really not needed. Maybe 8 would be ok to squeeze into what I am doing.

I’ll report on how tomorrow goes next.

Edit: Wednesday was another heavy amphibian use day again, but two of the battles was 3 carnos, so I could use L20 VIPs. If 11x gorgos isn’t a choice, you may want/need the extra Indoraptors. As you can see above, gorgo is the only amphibian hybrid I have at the top of my line up. Others just require a lot more DNA and have longer cooldowns due to being L21+ vs L20.