Minimum requirements Android

What are the requirements to be able to play, my younger sister have a Samsung galaxy j5, before update no problem, after update when she wanted to update the game it says “you device does not meet the minimum requirements to game to play”. Thx

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I’ll notify the team of this. Is your sister still having this issue on her Samsung Galaxy J5 when trying to install update 1.2.16?

Its oké now, but the AR function is only working on my phone (Samsung s7 and not on the Samsung j5 and j7).

I’m glad to hear that you are both able to continue playing. Sadly, the Samsung J-series is not compatible with ARCore. You can find more information on which devices are compatible with ARCore here:

My Girlfriends j5 16 as of the latest patch will not load and keeps issuing error 114 any help to be had here

Error 114 is indicating a server disconnection. May you please double-check the WiFi connection on the J5 before opening the app? In addition, make sure that the Google Play account on the device is logged in. If this error message still appears after this, I’ll need you to write to so we can investigate further for you.