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Minions: new mechanic to implement small creatures in the game

Idea to include smaller creatures in the game: MINIONS! They would work like the minions of raids, but only few have counterattacks and even fewer do damage, they would mainly serve to boost your resistances (eg. I have an Ardonto, which is immune to critical reduction, but not to the diversion despite having a resistance, so I will choose two minions that together add more resistance to the diversion as possible, potentially making me immune to the diversion as well).
But one could say “yes of course we give free immunities without counting the super boosted dinos of those who spends their life on this game”, there is a solution: the minions will start with full life at the beginning of the battle and if they are eliminated they will be revived, but with 3/4 of life for the fist reanimation, then 2/4 for the second and 1/4 for the third and last time they’ll be revived, and their resistances will be halved; Furthermore, minions cannot be revived if you swap dino, they can only be revived if the main dino is defeated, while if they have not been defeated they will be healed for 20% of their life parameter when you field the new dino.
They can be defeated with the raid moves you usually use to get rid of the boss minions.
You would obtain them like normal creatures, being able to also make hybrids between minions and normal creatures; you can choose 4 for your team but only 2 will be picked for your battle.
Minions mainly attack opposing minions if they have counterattacks or runaway abilities, but of course they will hit the big dino if no minions remain on the battlefield.
Their number of resistances based on their rarity: commons will have 1, rares and epics 2, eventual legendaries and uniques 3 and eventual Apex 4.

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