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Minor Advice and Desicions Thread

I don’t know how helpful this might be but the intention of this Thread is to cater for the smaller lineup doubts or any other queries such as whether your Lineup can support particular hybrids, what you can fuse, how to knock out particular battles you’re facing difficulty in, etc.

Instead of having said queries posted in existing Threads unrelated to the query topic, you could post it here to have it clarified.


Great idea! :partying_face:

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Clever Fury


Really like that idea!!!

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Sits and ponders : But will anyone use it?


Oh, thanks JF, i was gonna open a thread.
I wanted to post all my anger here for a joke: the broken Claim Your Territory event: the matches are crazily hard, i was so happy when the last opponent was over, but the reward was the pack with a stupid Onchopristis that i already maxed+ stupid xthree coins. I have to calm down, since in some seconds i am hoing to burst. It is 3 months that i don’t receive a legendary.

Will send lineup photos in a little time.


Better to go on Call of Duty and let them taste some good AK-47 shots… :roll_eyes:

First i know i must deepen.


Lol thanks Fury, idk what the heck I need to do lol

(Sorry for bad quality, just finish a run)

I think I’m gonna go for Segno soon, and I have enough S-DNA for Tapo and Spino, but I rly don’t know.

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Not sure if this is a good thread for this question but how the hell do I complete this event with my current lineup?Screenshot_20210331-090809

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Maybe change Topic title to something like decisions and advice? IDK, just a thought?

What on earth is that battle

The ferocity is base on your entire lineup, so maybe your top lineup is unbalanced compare to your legendary.
Can you show me your entire lineup, not just the legendary?

This is the top of my lineup. Even the first two battles were quite difficult with my best legendaries. This is the 3rd fight for me in the Rarity Rumble today. Screenshot_20210331-094506

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What would y’all do?

1st creature: amphibian with 3032+ health
2nd creature: herbivore with 2000+ (or less around VIP level) attack
3rd creature: all round good amphibian
Ir use a calculator :smiling_imp:

Yea don’t get any of those plus as I as put in amphibian he’ll bring the flyer take it out it one or two hits those indos are the strongest ones bedsides 2 metria lvl 20 all the ones have around 950 attack I’m think thinking flyers only but my flyers aren’t that great

And this is just the first match don’t know what the other half’s got 2 more after this one

Quick line up question
Nundagosaurus, Stegoceratops, Ankylodocus, Ophicomimus and Tropeogopterus are all fairly within my reach to unlock soon

While I will be certainly getting stegoceratops because it’s the only herbivore Super hybrid, but I am not sure about others

Which of the other 4 are worth the DNA to evolve them to be tournament worthy?


How much Monolophosaurus DNA do you have?

Nundagosuchus, a trustworthy amphi