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Minor Advice and Desicions Thread

Very low, but it’s currently in the code 19 cycle and I won’t be maxing stegocerotops anytime soon, I would like to know if ankylodocus or ophiacomimus can fill the herb requirements until I can handle one.

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2 indo and a metriaphodon

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Not sure where to go from here. Both my events today have dinos with over 4000 ferocity.


That is difficult is this all of your event or all of them because if it is the one for the bucks pack the battle are extremely difficult.

I would do a level 1 creature, Indoraptor, then Metriaphodon.
Reserve 1,
Next turn attack 2, block 1.
If depending on what the opponent did I would either continue to block or would out right reserve. Eventually either attacking with the Indoraptor but ultimately sacrificing and letting the Metriaphodon have as many action points as possible to two shot the Gorgosuchus and then have enough to block and then take out the Zamalodon.


This is today’s Rarity Rumble. I was able to complete the Dino bucks event yesterday. But the Rarity Rumble and Stakeholders visit events today seem very difficult in comparison to the top 3 ferocity in my lineup.

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Maybe a glitch??
Is this the first time you get such difficult a.i ferocity?

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You do have an imbalance within your legendaries. This battle is a bit harder but mostly because you don’t have an amphibian or herbivore that has similar stats to your Trex.

I am not sure but it’s also possible you had a difficulty increase when you crossed into level 59.


I did hit 59 late in the day yesterday. Gonna be rough if all my events are this tough now. Any advice on where to go from here with my dinos? Been doing the lottery tickets for a couple weeks but not sure if saving up 10k for the Gold packs would be a better use of my LPs

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If you can keep up with hatching everything you get from the lottery I would say keep doing the lottery, as long as you are hitting the Diamond prize each week you are getting a VIP, but also at least one Common, Super rare, and tournament creature as well.


I got a mono already

Yea you know what I’ll try that the ai sometimes does not do anything and just reserves so hopefully I don’t block and it reserves that way I don’t lose points for my metria Ima check it out right now

Good advice got the wins thanks

Last one was the final one to get the 1400 lp


That is a hard fight… at level 68 i meet similar opponents…

Changed title of Thread to make it more relavant.


Ok, but still not enough to be put in the quick access.

Occasional post to prevent inactivity crossing the derail timer, in case this thread is needed later… :eyes:

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I am currently lvl 58. I can fuse right now for Pachyceratops, Nundagosaurus, and Rajastega. Should I fuse to get all of them or are there more missions with lvl 40 dino requirements coming up? Still holding off on it because of that. Really want to get to lvl 60 quick for the clash of titans events

As these three hybrids have one component each locked, you can be sure you will not get missions particularly for a level 40 Nasutoceratops, Rajasaurus and Tuojiangosaurus. Not sure about the Ichthyostega, Pachycephalosaurus or Nundasuchus.

I will risk adding that as far as Clash of Titans goes, no mission is worth holding off reaching CoT, reach it as soon as you can. It is 100% worth it. However if you would like to know the missions in particular you could check out @Andy_wan_kenobi’s story missions threads.


No at that level it’s mostly a bunch of collect x coins form Dinos or building you can check story missions section in the Dino data spread sheet to be sure

Also although I am level 68 I am still at level 56 missions thanks to apatosaurus fossils, you may want to use them if your coins can handle it, but getting segno will tight now.

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