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Minor Advice and Desicions Thread

Problem is, idk what mission # I’m at. They aren’t really giving me that much xp and I keep getting only one mission after completing it. Don’t know how close I am to the next story # mission

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Show us what you’ve got

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These are my top 8 ish dinos. I see now that making Tanycolagreus lvl 20 was a mistake. Max lvl Ichthyostega is coming soon and I can get Tapejalosaurus and Spinoraptor to lvl 20 as well.

Also this is the mission that I’m on, just in case

You’re at episode 29 3rd mission, check 29.3 in the Dino data spreadsheet and you will find all the missions till episode 31 which is more than enough for level 60,

there is like a have 5 level 31 Pterasaurs and 3 level 40 herbs later down the line but those should be easily completed.

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Actually, the Spreadsheet is complete through 45.2. Then it jumps to Episode 52. But there are threads for all of those Episodes which can be found here


Oh sorry, the spreadsheet I have downloaded had a gap from 31 to 37.

I guess these were updated since I had downloaded.

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I’ve been working on it


Thank you so much for this. Already started buying things for the upcoming missions




what do you mean @Blacksaber?

Should I get another gorgosuchus, another segnosuchus or get the cerazinosaurus.

That depends on what you need more — amphibians, carnivores or herbivores.

I think Zalmonodon/Metriaphodon also deserve mention…

The thing those are the only creatures I have that are tournament hybrids right now.

cerazinosaure is a pretty good and cheap hybrid.

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Now that I’m close to unlocking the CoT event, should I start to actively hatch dinos that can fuse into top tier hybrids? I have around 80k DNA but I’ve never made it a mission to hatch specific dinos to bolster my lineup. Since I assume CoT must be a hard event, just wanted to hear your opinions.

CoT is based on your top dino’s ferocity so you shouldn’t have any trouble with whatever you currently have as long as your lineup is deep and balanced.

sorry, it was basically a thread to know if I should create indo 2 or segnosuchus, but ludia merge it into this thread… fil​:expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

How do I spend extra coins. Hitting max.

Trade them

Do every trade that needs coin, have the food harbour running 24/7.

If you have time to do modded pvp, buy mods (caps at like 2 millions per common mod) and do lots of it