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Minor Advice and Desicions Thread

Jurassic creatures are valued less then aquatic or Cenozoic, I would snatch that if you aren’t thinking about hatching it, would you trade ~2,500 DNA for 438 DB if CD offered it? If the answer is no then don’t take the trade but if the answer is yes then you should snatch up this trade.


Thanks Sion. I considered this as well…would I trade 438 DBs for 2500dna? At this stage, and based on how little I play, DNA is my main objective. DBs is more of a convenience thing for me. I originally wasn’t going to take it.

I ended up going for the trade because Chanya offered me one of those 17milion coins for 2k dna trades. Pretty much got what I wanted, nice chunk of dna and some Dinobucks lol.

I appreciate the insights from both of you.


So i subscribed and now where is my 300 hard cash I am not impressed

Are you talking about the newsletter? Is so, did you reply to the confirmation email? Once you do that you should receive another email with the link to receive the 300 Dinobucks


This is helpful thanks for the info I did it now it worked

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Don’t want to create a thread for this question so I’ll post it here.

Do dinobucks still go on sale? I haven’t really been paying attention but I don’t think I’ve seen them on sale for a while.

I remember every 3 or 4 weeks they would have some sort of discount.