Minor buff for Suchomimus

Do you not remember old gem moveset? it would still struggle in the meta. It having no armor makes it very vul to cunnings doing like almost all it’s hp. It would have dele ramp which some reasons it has a delay and old shield move which would only be doing 1.5x. It would have it’s 6000 hp back which it really needs it atm. And it would have 1400 attack which is fine. I still miss gem being immune to everything cause my team back then was basically immune to everything. (maxi, gem, erlido,tryo, magna,) (if it seemed a bit aggressive at the start sorry)

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Yeah but it’s complete immunity would back it up ig

But it’s a common bleeder so do you not understand it’s supposed to do WOUND damage not do a lot damage by attacking also speed decrease immunity is bad for bleeders because that means if it’s faster than something that can cleanse DOT that means right as you go for your wound attack it immediately gets cleansed thats why most bleeders don’t have any resistance to speed decrease because it’s actually beneficial for the bleeder and most bleeders don’t have much attack because it’s suppose to do DOT the only bleeder that has more than 1000 damage that comes to mind is Albertospinos and it only has high attack because it’s an Abertosaurus hybrid

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Cough Cough Spinonyx

It doesn’t matter what rarity it is, I want old Sucho back, it was really good back then. You have zero sense in what your talking about

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Spinonyx is part Baryonyx G2 thats why it’s different to most other bleeders also why do you want Sucho to be buffed do you have it at level 30 and you use it in PVP?
I guess you did say you want old Sucho back but things change in 4 years many dinosaurs would have been changed a lot in 4 years leave that in the past

I would love to have a lot of creatures back to the way they were stegosaurs and ceratopsians especially. I wish that all creatures could be used in the arena no matter the rarity. Obviously creatures of higher rarity should be better but lower rarity creatures can still perform the same function and don’t need to be garbo.

Thylaconyx would like to have a word with you.

(it came from a damage increaser and a render, and it still has 1250 attack)

Not every bleeder has to have low damage outputs. Take the supposed Pho, for instance. (S)he has 1500, which apparently you´d find annoying for a creature containing DOT.

However I do agree that I want the Old JWA to make a comeback, or at least be able to take a peek.

Its like if a Rexy and a Triceratops fought. Obviously the Triceratops would lose, but if this scenario were to actually happen, wed get to see something similar to a real life fight.