Minor bug


So the Baryonyx special event was today, and I need one more DNA to get it. The timer was counting down 3…2…1… and I hit the dinosaur directly on 1, but it said that it was deflected. I’m wondering if anybody has this problem, and if someone on Ludia could give me one more DNA


The darts are deflected when they don’t hit the target circle. I’m sorry to say, but this doesn’t look like a bug, more like that last second dart wasn’t aimed good enough and it just failed. I feel you, it must suck being left with 1 DNA to unlock her! :cry:


Oh nonono I know when you can tell when it’s going to hit, but it said dart deflected right as I saw it hit her. I’m wondering if there’s a certain time where it just cuts out


Do you know if Baryonyx is in the wild @Lyra?


I believe she isn’t yet, but I think they will add her at some point in the near future, as well as all other new dinosaurs that have been introduced these past weeks. Otherwise it would be impossible to level them up once the event is over and that doesn’t make sense. It’s a matter of when they will start spawning in the wild, and how often :slight_smile:


That’s why I want just one DNA of it. I’m fine with them taking 10-50 of some in-game bucks, but this is just BS


I know, it must be very frustrating :< It happened to me with the Dilophosaurus, literally 1 DNA missing for level 7 and she doesn’t spawn anywhere in my city at all, but that’s not so important and frustrating as a Baryonyx :frowning:


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What’s your arena number @Lyra


If you mean the name, it’s arena 7, sorna marshes. If you mean my trophies here they are :slight_smile:


Are you on the leaderboard?


Almost, you can only scroll down to Top 500.

Lowest one in there atm got 3307 Trophies.


This time I’m happy, I unlocked him and got 83/100 for lvl 12, literally just a few better hits for lvl 12


Not yet, but I’m close. If I get there, I’ll die a happy woman.