Minor bugs for 2.11

Thank you for the screenshot, Somedinoguy! If you restart the game, it should fix the text issue. :slight_smile:

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Confirmed that did the trick, @Ned

However the Dimo attack typo is still there:

@Ned parasauthops is also bugged the resilient rampage doesn’t cleanse distraction before the hit. Or is it meant to?

Also, still getting logged out of Google Play while fusing (wasn’t quick enough to grab a screen shot) but also while opening incubators.

EDIT: Also while darting

I’ll inform our team. Thanks, MattCrad01!

Thanks, Somedinoguy! I’ll forward the screenshot to our team.

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@Ned was skoona also suppose to receive a health nerf because he did? That was not in the notes

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Welcome to Halloween 2019?really the same wallpaper…?

@Ktuck1. Hmm, it might have been missed on the release notes. :thinking:

Let me ask our team to see if I can get confirmation!

Also logged out battling a tower

And while collecting weekly rewards

I’m forwarding the information to our team! Thank you, Somedinoguy.

If you haven’t already, could I ask you to write to our support team at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key as well? It’d really help our team out.

Can do, thanks!

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Major bug
Why does a legendary cost 250 dna to unlock?

I’ve reported this to our team! Thanks for the screenshot, Allo!

I just faced a Mortem in the arena. I used my Magna. Distracting impact. Mortem is doing damage of 6250 (without crit :sweat_smile:). Mortem shouldn’t cleanse right? :woman_shrugging:

Enteloceros’ RSR has 2 cooldowns when it should have 1 like its predecessor, Entelochops.

Hey MrMemeZilla_198, do you have a screenshot of the ability? :mag:

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I was about to say the same, here are both