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Minor Bugs

I’ll detail some Minor Bugs that are in the game. (They are just Errors in description of abilities so they don’t impact the game that much).

Baneful Boglands Stage 165/221: Before being able to do this battle you get to witness a conversation between a few of the villains. In the last part of it Savage the Staunch says: “It’s the only way We Win, and They,/style> lose.”. /style> probably needs to be removed from it.

Easter B&B: His ability says he deals 320% For 4 turns, which I presume needs to be changed to Over
Frostgnaw: Same as Easter B&B Deals % damage For 4 turns, but should probably be Over 4 turns.
Warcry: All Allies gain 20% Spirit, but he only gives spirit to All Other Allies
The Radiant Skyglow: Same As Warcry Specifies All Allies, but only gives spirit to All Other Allies.
The Deafening Dawnbrawler: All other Allies gain Increased Spirit Generation doesn’t specify the amount of turns.
Thicket Thunderbottom: Says All other Allies gain Spirit For 0 Turns, so For 0 turns should prolly be removed.
Fierce Thunderbottom: Same as THicket Thunderbottom All other Allies gain Spirit For 0 turns.
Fafnir: All Allies deal Increased damage doesn’t specify the amount of turns the buff lasts

Hello Zhyan, thank you for reporting these! I will make sure to bring these up with the team. :slight_smile: