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Minor gripe about music

One of the things that this game used to allow (Which Jurassic Park Builder still allows) was for you to be able to play your own music when you had the game open. Of course this doesn’t sound like a big deal (I’ll admit it’s far from “game breaking”).

That said, it was really nice to be able to listen to my own music over my headphones while playing this game.

Once they added the feature to turn sound effects and/or music on and off (which is admittedly really nice) you can no longer play your own music when Jurassic World: The Game is open.

Not sure if anyone else noticed this, it happened a long while ago but I wonder if it‘s possible for Ludia to fix this? Or does somebody else potentially know a work-around for this??


I didn’t know the game used to let you listen to music… boy I sure would love if they would fix this!! Not just music but podcasts, etc. When you are doing something like that boss event or lots of PvPs, it would make the tedium much nicer to be able to listen to music instead of the in-game music, or just silence. At least I’m usually someplace where I can play music on another device nearby but that’s not always the case.


Yeah it was really nice, actually… Although I’m not sure if Ludia ever intended to “allow,” music in the first place. It only worked when music was already playing through my device when I opened JW and also only when the phone was connected to headphones or to speakers in a car via Bluetooth.

But once the update came out to enable controls to turn on/off sound effects and music this stopped working… When you open JW your music will stop playing. If you try to swipe up on your phone to resume your music it’ll suspend the JW app.

Not a massive deal here, I was curious if anybody else noticed this or knew of a work around for it. I guess this is another area where Jurassic Park Builder was just a little bit better. Builder also had moving guests in the park which I was (am still am) shocked that Ludia never put into JW The game… Instead your park is just completely empty with no utility or value added from the roads.


I have a Jurassic Park soundtracks playlist on Spotify. I play it on independent speakers on a second device and play only the sound effects on the game on my primary device when I know I’m going to play for a good 30 minutes or so (clearing the events I can play, doing daily missions, etc.).


I like it… I like your style a lot, but that would only work for me when I’m at home. When I’m on the go I rarely ever have a second device to play music on. I could listen to the radio during my commute to work but who likes commercials anyway?