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Minor oversight in the game plan, whoops

So last week after the announcement that the Mono SDNA was going out of rotation i started making it a point to finally work towards a few Monostegotops. The 1st step simply getting a lvl 40 Stegoceratops, easy enough right?

I have 1 lvl 30, check
Purchase 4 more and fuse for another lvl 30, check
fuse the 30’s for a lvl 31, check
Feed to lvl 40, 32, 33, 34, 35… wait… this thing pretty much takes 1M food for the next 5 levels! Looks at food supply (2M)… hmmm, well i guess it might take a few more days than i originally planned.

Heres to hoping for good food trades.

To be continued…


I noticed the same thing when I made mine. Luckily I had around 40 million food and already had one level 30 Stegoceratops made.

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Yes, the further along in the game you get, the more you need to be sure to plan for how much food is needed to feed some of these beasties.


I got a few trades and got the job done.

1st Monostegotops fused, 2 in incubators, 3 more to hatch and then no more s dna