Minor team help, that last spot

So I’m really happy with my current team:

But the mega slot. Im not sure hes bis. Here are my options:

Top contenders for me would be raja, uta, pyr, dilo or trago. Raja seems a little low, uta is very low for the level stegos i vs, pyr doesnt seem good due to the amount of tanks and monos i see, and dilo seems redundant.

Trago seems low, and im so bad at using him.

I dunno. I like mega as an indom counter.

What do you all suggest? (I really wanna replace him with utarinex…)

Stegocera is the best option until you get utahrinex. Unless it’s indominus counters you’re looking for.

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Some food for thought… out of the top 20… 8 are running megla… 7 tragod and like 4 rajak.

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At your Dino’s current levels if you don’t like using the Mega, I would switch in the Pyrritator.

Here is why… speed and damage.

You seem to have everything else covered and your other Dino’s are great, but just too low.

Also, maybe bump up your Stegoceratops then use it.

However, the Mega is great for swapping in at just the right time. Either way you do it all three are equally useful in the correct situation.


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Good suggestions, thank you! Im gonna take a break and revisit monday.

Appreciate the comments!

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