Minor Trykosaurus buff ideas

Among a meta full of defense shatterers & nullifiers, With how slow she is Trykosaurus is in spot where she falls short. Her counter attack is very weak, she’s slowest in the game which makes it wonder if she can live past 2 turns, but on top of that being a Unique she’s outclassed by several Legendaries, even so much as Allosinosaurus.

So I have some ideas to offer to choose from in order to give her some extra bang to her bite:

-Change x0.25 Counter Attack to x0.5: This is big bad Trykosaurus, the fiercesome SuperHybrid of the Tyrannosaurus Rex! On top of that, Trykosaurus’ other ingredient piece, Ankyntrosaurus, has Medium (0.5x) Counter, so why not Trykosaurus. Sure it would make her strong but I don’t believe it would be considered overpowered, and especially for all the work it takes in obtaining her she should be considered a Dino to be feared. Megalosuchus & Rajakylosaurus (both legendary) do more counter damage than Trykosaurus when at the same level. If Ludia’s concerned about that being too strong for her, they could come up with a new form of counter in .33x counter.

-Swap-in Strike: Diorajasaur got Swap-In Ferocity, perhaps Ludia could match that notion by giving Trykosaurus Swap-in Strike. It’s a bold suggestion, sure, but considering how vulnerable Trykosaurus is when swapping in this could make her a valuable retaliation option

-Swap-In Defense: Similar concept as above, but instead of a strike swap in ability they could give Trykosaurus a shield when swapped in. It would help her compensate with her poor speed and give a fighting chance to live long enough to show off her prowess. I mean, isn’t she supposed to be considered a tank of sorts anyway? Or if none of these ideas seem suitable leads to the next idea of…

-Increase her speed: Bring Trykosaurus up to 106-107 speed. In her description it talks about her being more agile than her hybrid building blocks, why not have some sort of speed to show for it. Atleast with this speed it would give her the chance to contend among the likes of which like Allosinosaurus.

Let me know what y’all think


I’m on board with this. At the moment, all I see Tryko doing in my matches is scaring my opponents into swapping for another dino because they must have figured TRex hybrid means they’ve got no chance against her. Oh, if only they knew. :rofl:


I’m all for buffing dinos :+1:

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All great ideas! Trykos got a lot of potential.
And Based on the difficulty of making this unique, they really should’ve made it more worth while


Hmm…I’d like 0.5x counter attack + swap in shattering (not in game skill, just a concept)
Which means could remove opponent’s defense and directly counter hit when swap in.


I think the increase counter attack and the speed increase are must have’s for this dino…

Like, it’s sad that Trykosaurus has to be looked at in this light. I always looked at her as this coveted beast that was to be feared…well, I guess she’s got the scary looking factor down

I’m in favor of buffing dinos when a balance is necessary.

Trykosaurus, say hello to spinotasuchus. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Pretty much, Trykosaurus will NEVER last more than 2 turns vs Spino

Yesterday was the first time that I used Trykosaurus to win a battle. My Tryko has already gotten a good bit of beating before that because my Tryostronix was being a dead weight and went down in 2 shots so Trykosaurus had to pick up the slack.

However, I’m pretty sure the ONLY reason my Tryko won the match was due to the fact that she was up against another Tryko during the final round. Mine was 26 (with low hp by then), theirs was 21 (who went first). The person doesn’t know how to use theirs and threw up instant invincibility, which allowed me to use DSR to win. I was already down to 400 hp and would have easily lost had the opponent used a different move.

TLDR: My Tryko is underwhelming :frowning:

I don’t have Tryko but I’ve found it pretty easy to take down… which is why I haven’t invested any time into obtaining it. IMO Uniques should be a higher class than legendary‘s.


Edit: I may have confused Tryko with Tryost

Ludia, what do you think? Is there a way we’re able to get feedback from Ludia reps?

how about swap-in distraction?

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Another great idea!

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