Minor Update - Patch Notes Request

Please Ludia/Moderators.

Provide us with some details about the patch even if it is minor as we would ALL love to know what to expect and plan accordingly.


Im hoping:

Fixed -

Evasive/invincibility going away with swap in abilities (e.g. dio)

Speed markers

Dmg indicators

Scent capsules

Alliance donations


They probably just noticed they broke the daily limits again earlier today …


I wish I could heart this one hundred times. :slight_smile:

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That’s crazy talk man :crazy_face:


Considering the mods said in another thread they dont know what happened unless the bugs fixed themselves I wouldnt expect any notes other then…

Diplodocus crashed the servers.


Considering how little communication there is between Ludia devs and the forum mods, there is still a possibility the devs did update something last minute

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None for me. As of yet.

Android has a new one, nothing for iOS yet.

77mb thats gotta be something

My point was if the mods didnt even know they were updating do you really expect patch notes…

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I lied unknowingly, it just showed up for iOS for me.

Mine was 150

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shows how informed the mods are…

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Are secret nerfs coming?:rofl:


anybody else daily challenges almost all complete? i didn’t notice this before. no battle ones or incubator.

No i still am at 11/14 incs… 6/20 battles.

I see a 739.8MB update in the iPhone App Store. I really hope it doesn’t force today because I won’t have WiFi connectivity for five more hours.

The update seemed to fix the problems with scents for iOS users.

Hate this guessing game with these updates… rvery other company releases them. How hard is it to give us a quick run down of these small updates?