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Miracle of Sorna Marshes


My opponent started with Indominus which took out my first two creatures (Allosinosaurus and Tragodistis) with about half of its HP left thanks to four consecutive successful dodges. If there were a “forfeit” button I would have used it at that point. I put on Rajakylosaurus which took out Indominus and the next creature (Stegodeus) with about 20 HP left. My opponent put on Paramoloch and I used Instant Invincibility to get a counter-attack before I had to swap to my last creature, Tyrannosaurus. I was stunned once before I took out Paramoloch in one bite with Defence-Shattering Rampage (no critical hit). I hope my opponent’s phone didn’t damage the wall.


how did you manage to fail with a trago vs indominus?
Please ,explain me what did happen?

btw,if you are tired to see indom,you have to know his best counter is probably alankylosaurus,shields are enemies of indominus


My opponent used Cloak on the turn after I had used Invinciblity (so that the 2x attack came after the Invincibility had expired) and then dodged both my attacks.

I have Tyrannolophosaur with Nullifying Strike but it wasn’t selected for this battle. My Rajakylosaurus has also beaten Indominus that are several levels higher than itself and in hindsight it would probably have been a better choice as #2 creature than Tragodistis. But no, I don’t have a particular problem with Indominus.


hoo bad luck then :joy:
Don’t worry it happen oftenly,thats why i have alankylosaurus in my team,around 3500 trophy you see quite oftenly indom