👀 Miracles **DO** Happen!

Ludia released an update without bringing the servers down for hours and hours! :astonished: Crazy, right?!


Keep up the good work @Ludia_Developers ! Definitely a step in the right direction.

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It’s called a patch buddy


Well then hopefully they keep just doing “patches” so they never have to bring down the servers again.

Like how Pokemon Go does… Niantic never brings down their servers or makes their players wait for X? :man_shrugging: amount of hours. They just keep the :moneybag: smoothly coming in. I hope that is what Ludia will strive for someday. (Dare to dream )

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It’s not a realistic expectation… to make the servers be able to do “live updates” requires a backend system that supports it.

Hot fixes like this are typically restricted to the changes that can be done without taking the game offline.

Major updates normally include everything that can’t be done via hotfix.

Changing the system would be a pretty monumental update that goes far beyond the normal bug fixes that don’t even do.

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It is realistic for a good software development company to perform such uninterruptible service for major updates. Your expectations have just become too low.

Niantic basically adds the new update features as the server continues to run. They beta test the new features (image that?!) with a limited number of folks and when they’re satisfied that things are stable, they release an optional new ‘update’ that people can download at their leisure over a few days. The old and new version both continue to work. At some point they flip the switch on the server and voila! the new features of the update are available. No server downtime! :astonished:. The folks who are still running the old version are forced to update at this point but they update their app and they’re back in! No down-for-unknown-amount-of-hours to deal with.

That’s the right way to update in my opinion but something we’ll never see from @Ludia_Developers :cry:


All the Candy Crush apps use a similar development process that requires no server / player downtime but I guess that’s why King and Niantic rake in the big :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

And Destiny is one of the most popular games and has major downtown during updates. Like most mmos do this.

The fact is each game engine is different and thus handles updates differently. This game switched engines mid developmental cycle and stuff was left out. Same games prioritize ease of updates in development others cut corners to make deadlines.

Ludia just can’t snap their fingers go back in time and change the system. It’s already done. There not gonna just rebuild their whole system on a 4 year old title with less then 400k players.

Ok, ya. Thanks, you’ve convinced me. Ludia’s programmers are obviously the best out there and everything bad is beyond their control. We’re so lucky to have them. :+1:

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If you had any clue what you were talking about other then niantic does it so Ludia should too.

You would understand how bad of an idea it would be to ask the team that can’t even get a premium pass right to rebuild their engine to allow all updates to be “hot”.

Like Ludia was so at lost when developing this game they had to have Unity developers on site to provide support since they had no experience with the engine.

It’s not a case of them being good it’s that they can’t even do a small update without game breaking bugs… I would expect them to break the game for weeks if they even attempted it.

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