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Miragaia can be attack by pass 100% shield


In my last combat in arena my Alanqa(LV13) use long invicibility at first.
In same round opponent’s Miragaia(LV16) use shield strike and not any damage.

But in next round my Alanqa uses rampage and Miragaia counter and Alanqa recievie full damage!!
After that in next round all Miragaia attack can be by pass Alanqa’s shield ,It’s not like that.
Pls, fix this thx.


Miragia has counter attack. What you may have have experienced is a 0 attack cause of shield, but the turn ended and there was no shield anymore, and miragia did the counter attack.
If that’s what happened, then its how it’s supposed to be


Hey rabies, it seems like the shield should have lasted until the end of the turn your Alanqa used Rampage. Could you make sure that you did not manually swap in Alanqa and Swap In Invincibility was used instead? As that ability only lasts for 1 turn. If you think that Long Invincibility is not working correctly, our team would be happy to take a look if you reached out to them here at with your support key along with the date and time of when you had that battle.


I manually command long invisibiliy at first not swap-in and when attack with rampage behind 100% shield. This skill remain 2 turn after miragaia counter attack shield sitill open but can’t protect anymore!