Miragaia (File 32 artistic concept)

These are dinosaur teasers that I wish they would make it to JWTG!

Finally a new Stegosaurid!
There is not even one that is legendary!
And what does it say … do I have to give them a hybrid?
So we welcome the Miragaia!


DNA cost: 2910 DNA
Here are the statistics:

Level 10

Health: 410
Damage: 129
Ferocity: 823

Level 20

Health: 701
Damage: 221
Ferocity: 1408

Level 30

Health: 1069
Damage: 337
Ferocity: 2147

Level 40

Health: 1514
Damage: 476
Ferocity: 3037


Maybe a little bit scarce, but it’s very cheap!
It costs less than 3000 DNA, which for a legendary is very little!
And you will love its hybrids!

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Which dinosaur do you want me to come out?
  • A hybrid for the Miragaia
  • Tenontosaurus
  • Erlikosaurus gen 2

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You make the best creatures @Tommy_Paoli

You might even become a staff member one day

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I would love to, but at the moment my life has other plans!

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Animal facts :

  1. Miragaia means beautiful earth goddess in refference to the greek titan gaia
  2. Like kentrosaurus miragaia has two spikes on it’s shoulders
  3. With an length of 5 meters miragaia is one of the smaller stegosaurs
  4. Miragaia lived in Portugal during the late jurassic. It coexisted with sauropods, other stegosaurs and predators like allosaurus, ceratosaurus and torvosaurus

i saw a documentary about it but the main charater were allosaurus and torvosaurus

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Yep dinosaur revolution


When I first saw this my still tired eyes read this as “migraine” lol

Anyways this stegosaur is so beautiful, will be one of my favourite stegosaurs if he arrives

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