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Miragaia Level 19 It's Not Easy!


This creature has defeated 3 of my creatures (Edmontoguanodon 11, Spinosaurus Gen2 11 And Suchotator 12)


That wasnt directed at you, it was directed at the fact that Big Shaq and Shaquille o’neal are the same person! They totally aren’t, because-

Sorry to hear. Mira is really good mainly because of its counter attack. I have so much DNA… Do your best!
Failure isnt about falling down, its staying down.
-person at a random time

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Well, that’s way overleveled so don’t feel bad


Yea high level miragaia is OP, remember that stegosaurids strike event we just had? Mira was the hardest one the beat, tho tryo did good against it.


It like 8 levels higher than your team. It’s meant to destroy you. Could be any Dino at 8 levels over it’s going to cause mayhem.