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Miragaia overused/100% armor piercing counter is problematic


Ok hear me out, do you think that a dinosaur should have 50% damage reduction almost constantly while also doing about as much damage as a rampage or pounce every turn while also completely ignoring all defenses. To balance out this they could have gave it a lower speed stat but no they have it a about average stat alongside doing high damage antitank and good tanking itself. And I’m sure this is the reason why I see it in every arena match. All in all I think a simple fix would just to lowered the speed slightly and get rid of the armor piercing trait of the counter

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The reason one sees a lot of Miragaia in battles is usually that they have not progressed on to face better dinos yet. This one is good for its rarity but overall not great.


Also you can’t nullify an intrinsic trait


And finally the only strategy to really beat it reliably without losing or a massive casualty is to try and one shot it with a high damage armor piercing rampage. But the problem is the most of the dinosaur who have this are not super tanky, or really slow and usually have a delay for such abilities which means your almost always going to take a ton of damage while not doing very much yourself on your first turn.


If you can’t beat them, join em. Some Dino’s are better than others. Go get the good ones.

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I already have it, but that attitude is bad for the games health


Are you kidding me!
My attitude is bad for the game?
You think The nerf everything that is good, is a the better attitude on this. Yeah ok :ok_hand:


Shouldn’t everyone preferably be on level playing field if you want a game to be well designed

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No. It’s strategy. Some Dino’s should be better than others or why bother? Just dart what ever dino you see the most of.
I’m not a fan of moving goal posts either and have been on the wrong end of every buff and nerf Ludia has thrown out so this is a touchy subject for me :joy:


Ludia please nerf gallimimus its evasive strike is just too good, having infinite evasive stance while dealing 1x damage each turn with its absurd speed is straight up broken, no creature in the game should be that good.
Just kidding, i can’t believe someone wants Miragaia nerfed, but you are probably trolling, so this is fine.


In what arena do you fight? I’ve never seen Miragaia in battle.

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He might be in the first tier arenas (1-3) with me. That’s where I’ve seen them.


Ludia, while you are at it please nerf Stegosaurus. This noob-a-saur has a 1.5 slowing move, and a move that cleanses distract and slows?!? It even has armor and a speed of 117. The only way to deal with this is DSR. Please Ludia help me get past this titan. Thanks


Nerf velociraptor hes unfair he does pounce I’m uninstalling this game please nerf he is OP he doesnt have counters nerf him

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Not a good point @Aaron_Norris. I don’t approve of nerfing everything all the time. But what’s the point of having 100+ I dinosaurs if EVERYBODY uses the same 8?

At mid levels (12-17), it seems like 90% of decks use MG. No exaggerating. The only time I don’t face one is probably because it didn’t get randomly shuffled into the deck.

Almost any other PvP game will monitor usage stats to find if something is overpowered. MG is overpowered.

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That is not true at all. Strategy is knowing what character beats the other one, not just going for the most OP creature… There is literally no strategy involved whatsoever in just darting the out of balance strongest dinosaurs, it involves exactly as much strategy as darting everything.

And actually, the point would be if everything is even as it should be, we would have a better selection of dinosaurs, therefore you need to strategise for more scenarios.

And why again would it be bad if everything was at least usable for a niche? It’s way more healthier for a game to have more usable characters.

BTW, to the original poster… Try to use Irritator Gen 2, Irritator or Baryonyx Gen 2 against Miragaia. Ready to Crush into a defense shattering move should do the trick. Tarbosaurus can 1 shot Miragaia as well.

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I’m seeing Miragaia a lot more now and I don’t understand why. In my opinion its probably the worst dinosaur in the game. It’s purely a defensive animal and one that armour eaters just chew through.


That’s as far as I got. I’m sorry.


If you cannot even take out a miragaia, you are gonna have problems when you reach the later arenas, there are much more way tougher foes their.

A carnotaurus takes it out easily, put your shield up and keep hitting it with basic move it’s dead.


The thing about miragia is that it is a dinosaur that is like Fleetwood Mac or Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin.

It is much better than the sum of its parts.

Shielding strike is good it’s OK.
It’s speed is good it’s OK not super not bad.
Regen cleanse is good just kinda OK.
Full strength counter armor piercing Is good.
It’s damage is OK not super not horrible.
Hit points same.
And no armor.

Miragia as a dinosaur is super. It’s just a case study on summery and flow.

If you haven’t leveled and tried you should "even in friendly battles.