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Miragaia shield

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Bug Description: was fighting in tournament with Miragaia a d I used my shield to kill a Draco but when it died the shield didn’t stay. It is supposed to stay for 1 turn of defense correct? That single handedly cost me the match

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Not a bug, it’s how it is.

Miragaia is faster than Dracorex (gen 2). You use your strike, kill draco, thus using a turn.

If opponent would be faster, they would hit you, you would hit (and kill), and shield would be up.

No the shield should last til it gets hit.

No it shouldn’t, the shield goes down as the dracorex’s turn is missed. This is standard across all dinos. If you use Short Defense with stegod to kill something the shield will only be there for one turn.

Ive seen Stygi use shielding strike to kill dinos in this tourney and the shield stays…

Well then, that’s your bug.

Well here is a picture of it killing a Draco then the shield stayed for next dino so idk…

I also noticed it’s different each time. I still haven’t figured out what is correct. And sometimes a shield also remains seen even though another creature just pierced it. It doesn’t function any longer but it remains visible. That is also weird. I will have to make screenshots nxt time… :sweat_smile:

Yes sometimes the visual bugs out. I’ve killed dinos with the shield visual on but when my hit got through there’s no shield. The miragaia mechanic is right.