Miragaia πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

It needs to be knocked down to Stegosaurus levels. I have no idea why it was buffed to begin with. It is a COMMON not an epic, rare, legendary, or unique. So it needs to stay in the scavenger and hatchling category


Shielded Decel Strike should honestly be an attack that has a cooldown, not a basic attack.


I totally agree that it needs a cool down

SDS just proves that Decel Strike and Shielded Strike are useless when it exists. It does more at no cost.

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Should just give it the moveset of Stegosaurus with the thagomizer

Really? That needs a cool down but cautious strike doesn’t? Do you guys play the game?


Cough cough use postosuchus and go for ferocious impact to 1 shot the miragaia cough cough.


Yes I have been playing the game since its inception. Cautious Strike to me is very easy to counter with a totally immune or a nullifying dinosaur. Hence why I have a good 90% of my team with total immunity.

This happened during the tournament. I am unable to use a hybrid or I would.

i keep forgetting posto is a beast. i found someone’s boosted lv 26 one and i couldn’t do anything to it. :smile:


Maybe something like this?
Armor piercing strike
Shielded decelerating strike(cooldown 1)
On escape regeneration



(Ten Characters)

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You need counters like one shoters for mirgaia so even if it regens you still kill

Pretty sure velociraptor can OHK mira, as can postosuchus

SDS with a cooldown is honestly a terrible change.

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But in tournament that is a different story

Oh ya… but hey it’s free!

If anything needs to be changed about Gaia, it’s the number of turns the opponent is Decelerated for. The reason it’s 2 turns imo is that Mira can Regen while maintaining priority.
If you’re going to nerf it, nerf that.

Apart from that, a stegosaur that gets OHKO’d by the creatures that Stego normally counters doesn’t sound too OP. If you have an SI-damage creature too, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about.
Chompers also destroy it, so there’s that.

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I think we should focus on marsupial lion honestly. Immune to slow, does 94% of an opponent’s hp in 2 turns, has a priority doge + crit chance buff, has a counter and 40% crit.
I literally took out 2 creatures with just a lv 16 marsupial.

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It’s HP is too high imo. You can probably take out a level 20 Carbo with a level 10 Lion.
Apart from that, I suppose you could give it Rending Attack in place of Rending Takedown, then transfer Rending Takedown to its Epic equivalent.

I want to try running a marsupial on a fun team sometime. lowest leveled creature just to see how it does.